Natasha Poonawalla’s Saree Experiments Are Tutorials For Maximalists

Natasha Poonawala’s clothing experiments with saree have always been in the spotlight. From her gorgeous Sabyasachi appearance meeting Schiaparelli saree at this year’s Met Gala to her meeting with the British royals in a slim-fitting blouse, criss-cross straps and lime saree, Poonawalla has been pushing the envelope and inspiring the way we dress today.

With a deep affinity towards the six yards, Natasha’s extreme style helped this class of dresses roll the perfect saree. Besides taking India’s favorite silhouette on a world tour to spice it up with delicious concoctions, Natasha makes each piece unique to herself. And now on her latest saree experience, Poonawalla has called on her favorite stylist – Anaita Shroff Adajania to spice up the valance. For the Bollywood fashion expert, this was an exciting task once again. In new pics on her Instagram, we spot the socialite in an ethereal white saree. The transparent saree featured the classic Sabyasachi embroidery which reminded us of a sweet spring.

Carefully aligned branches of flower buds formed a gentle overlay on the silhouette, in the form of embroidery with white threads. Adding to this spring saree was a heavy mix of pearls of different sizes, which also found a spot in the crowded embroidery on her backless blouse.

The saree also came surrounded by a ruffle trim that also featured a faithfully running line of floral embroidery. The long drape also found a match in a sexy bandjala, the tweed jacket by Chanel. Much like basic menswear, the chic gray and white tweed is solidly splashed over the ensemble with checkered buttons intertwined with the pearls of the saree. The sensational collaboration with Sabyasachi and Chanel contributed equally to the look, as did their lengths touching the floor.

Natasha also credited a mix of two white flowers and a sparkly glitter hair accessory to decorate her twisted, braided bun. As a close collaborator with fine jewelry, Natasha opted for a two-tiered pearl neck piece and a pair of bold pearl studs to complete the look. Adding to the sense of play with color was the massive Poonawalla emerald ring and shimmering manicure in pearl gold.


Poonawala’s fashion is a lesson learned, one that she sure has mastered. Aside from appearing with the biggest names in the fashion world to make their way to prestigious festivals and fashion weeks, Poonawala often sticks to the fragrance of her motherland, which is packaged in the form of a saree. Since Sabyasachi designs were her simple choice, Natasha always trusted the designer to achieve a classic, contemporary look. One of the byproducts of her collections is the designer’s international collaboration, which always brings us an exciting vision.


Also previously, Natasha picked up a lime green saree by famous fashion designers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla. The stunning touch of chikankari tie-dyed curtain is brought to our screens by this white crisscross belt blouse. The figure featured a subdued bow and tie back, adding a youthful flavor to the traditional silhouette. Besides, Poonawala’s experience with sari also welcomed an energy-packed suit into the image. For the special awards night, Poonawala chose a reddish-pink ensemble for the design of the embroidered saree.

Not only that, but Natasha made headlines with her version of gilded glitter to walk the red carpet at the Met Gala. The Sabyasachi sari found its perfect match in a fitted, gold-tone Schiaparelli bust. The look came alive with gemstones adorning her tiara, hairband, bracelets and necklaces.

For those with discerning designs, Natasha Poonawalla’s saree patterns work best as tutorials to help you get dressed. In this case, the sociable person helps even a younger generation to find a love corner with the favorite silhouette of India. Through all her saree lessons, we notice her interest in unpicking unusual pairs. And boy, we love it every single time.

Image credits: Instagram

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