Multicultural women organizing a ribbon skirt workshop with special guest speaker

The next workshop will show participants how to create a ribbon skirt.

The Ribbon Skirt Community Workshop will be on Saturday. January 28th from 1-3 in Bella Vista. There are no registration fees. Special guest speaker Judy Bailey will be in attendance along with her granddaughter, Isabella, who was instrumental in creating National Ribbon Skirt Day. Ribbon Skirt’s first official day in Canada was last January 4th.

Judy is an inspiring communicator and cultural advisor born and raised in the Cote First Nation, and will share her story with all attendees. Participants will watch a short video tutorial on how to make a ribbon skirt by Tala Tootoosis, who is famous for her teachings on ribbon skirts. Then, those who brought their sewing machines and supplies will have the opportunity to start making their own skirts.

According to, a ribbon skirt can be as simple as a piece of clothing, or as sacred as a piece of formal regalia used only in sweat lodge and ceremony. It can be an expression of femininity and strength, a remembrance of the lost and the killed, a symbol of challenging and protecting natural resources against corporate forces, or a representation of the journey of those reclaiming their identities through traditional practices. Ribbon skirts are a symbol of resilience, survival, and identity, but their meaning changes with each person wearing one and each person sharing their history.

This workshop is open to all. Participants are encouraged even if you don’t have a sewing machine, or don’t even know how to sew, to come, learn and communicate.

To view the tutorial before you come so you have an idea of ​​how much material to bring and what to expect, go to: Making a Ribbon Skirt with Tala Tootoosis.

Nicole Goldsworthy, Local Journalism Initiative correspondent, Humboldt Journal