Mom bakes birthday cake for kid, is mortified by what it looks like

They thought it was “dough”.

An influencer goes viral after baking a cute cake for her daughter’s birthday, only to have horrified viewers compare it to a giant penis. A video detailing the confectionery’s alleged stay has more than 9.4 million views on TikTok.

“For my daughter’s birthday, I’m going to make her a cake out of her favorite toy,” the food guru known as @cocobellycakes explained in the now viral tutorial.

The pastry chef specializes in creating hyper-realistic desserts featuring cartoon characters like Patrick from “SpongeBob SquarePants” to minions from “Despicable Me,” which she then posts on social media.

Her last dessert, ordered by her daughter for her birthday, involved making a crystal version of a plush toy in the shape of a baguette wearing a red scarf.

For her birthday concoction, Coco Belly first stacked several cupcakes on top of each other like artery-clogging Jenga, then covered them with dark chocolate frosting. She then decorated the topping with white fondant, leading viewers to believe she was creating a fresh NSFW gnocchi.

“You made us all anxious for a second there,” said one panicked commenter, while another wrote, “I’m definitely not the only one.”

At first, the influencer's cooking tutorial had viewers thinking she was making something NSFW.

The influencer’s cooking tutorial initially led viewers to think she was making something NSFW.

cocobellycakes craft their own adorable creations.

cocobellycakes craft their own adorable creations.


Influencercocobellycakes created a replica of their famous Breadstick stuffed toy cake for her daughter's birthday.

Influencercocobellycakes created a cake version of a popular plush toy for her daughter’s birthday.


One viewer commented of the phallic-looking candy: “I saw this go a different way…”

Someone remarked, “It’s when she said ‘favorite game.'”

Fortunately, to the relief of the comments, Coco Belly completed the treatment by adding chocolate eyes, a cute smile, and a cute scarf, to form a work-safe baguette.

Breadstick, a plush toy that cocobellycakes modeled after her daughter's birthday cake afterward.
The fancy game designed by cocobellycakes after her daughter’s cake.

“He’s the sweetest thing and she sleeps with him every night,” claimed the ace of muffins.

In a racy pastry incident in 2020, three Michigan medical personnel were fired after a worker brought a cake decorated with an image of a black penis into the office lunchroom.