Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 Update 1.61 Out for Black Friday Content This Nov. 24

Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 Update 1.61.1 Update

Today, Bandai Namco released Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 Update 1.61 (PS5 version 1.061) for all platforms. This includes content for Black Friday and other things. Check out the Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 November 24 patch notes below.

Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 Update 1.61 | Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 Update 1.061 | Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation November 2, 24 Patch Notes:

■ “Black Friday” campaign start notification
Starting from [PST] 11/23/2022 21:00 / [CET] 11/24/2022 06:00, “Black Friday” campaign will start.
■ “Black Friday Sale” sale of 31 packs of imperial icons!
■ Token package sale period
[PST] 11/23/2022 21:00 – 11/30/2022 20:59 [Scheduled]
[CET] 11/24/2022 06:00 – 12/1/2022 05:59 [Scheduled]
■ Contents of the token package
Purchase the set of codes (31 codes) normally available in the PlayStation™ Store for JPY 3,300 (tax included) At 50% off the price of 1,650 JPY (tax included)!
※ “White Friday Sale” to buy 31 token packs here.
■ “Black Friday” application for a special offer drop!
■ Special supply drop period
[PST] 11/23/2022 21:00 – 11/30/2022 20:30 [Scheduled]
[CET] 11/24/2022 06:00 – 12/1/2022 05:30 [Scheduled]
※ Regarding the details of the special supply drop, check here.

■ Update contents
Version: 0161.1307
■ Unit modifications
  • ◎ “Zeta Gundam” as well as “Zeta Gundam[HML]And she has received New Ram Skill Attack (Biosensor).
  • ⇒ Ram skill attack (biosensor)
  • ・ When the skill “Bio-Sensor Ability Boost” is activated, Ram’s attack power increases if the player moves at a high speed for a certain amount of time in the form of flight.
    Also, while the skill is active, the damage to a unit of health is reduced.
  • Sub-weapon sensor unit [Area]” Added to “Bolinoak Sammahn”
  • ⇒ Secondary weapon ‘sensor unit [Area]”
  • ・ For a certain period of time, all enemy units within range will be spotted and their radar will be disabled in a period.
    This weapon’s effect remains active until the temperature of the heat modifier gauge rises, making it possible to switch weapons while the effect is active.
  • Main range weapon “ReZEL Beam Rifle” It can now be equipped with “Zeta Plus A1”.
  • ⇒ When equipping the “ReZEL Beam Rifle” main range weapon, Secondary weapon “ReZEL Long Beam Saber” It may also be available to use.
Various modifications of parameters Made. ※ For details, check here.
Results of various parameter adjustments as of 10/27/2022 [JST] announce. ※ For details, check here.
■ battle
  • The support attack range is now displayed on the Re-Sortie screen
  • ⇒ This makes it easy to “rearrange” according to the support attacks of your allies.
■ Tutorial
  • The first tutorial that appears when you first launch the game has been modified to make the GBO2 rules easier to understand.
  • ■ Basic Training 6 “MS Range Attacks”, Basic Training 7 “MS Melee Attacks”
  • ・Modified to make it easier to understand the basic rules and also to experiment by changing from “inflict 3 sets of attacks” to Inflict 3 combos of attacks and destroy the MS.
    Along with the above changes, enemy MS health has been modified to make training easier.
  • ・ Displayed messages have been modified, a warning is now displayed when a weapon not related to this drill is selected.
  • ■ Basic Training 9 “The Fix”
  • ・ Displayed messages have been modified, and a warning is now displayed when selecting another device next to “Repair Tool”.
■ Update application data
■ Supplies drop list update notification
※ For details on the updated lineup, click here.
■ Notifications of dropped supplies
※ For details on STEP UP Supply Drop, click here.
■ Limited supply drop notice
※ For details on the limited offer drop, click here.
■ December 2022 Premium Login Bonus
※ Regarding the December 2022 Premium Login Bonus, click here.
■ New items for exchange have been added to the Recycle Counter.
Information about recently added items
  • ■ unit
  • ★★★Zeta Plus C1 LV3 added
  • ★★well LV1-2 added
  • ※ The above materials will be available in the recycle counter for two days starting from [JST] 11/24/2022 – 11/25/2022.
■ Exchange items have been added to the DP exchange counter.
Information about recently added items
  • ■ unit
  • ★★Guncannon SML Lv2 added
  • ★★Bali Rider (VG) LV1–2 added
■ Some items have been excluded from the Supply Delivery List.
※ For more details, click here.
■ Ranked Match / Quick Match game modes are updated
※ There may be differences about the game mode with the above information, which was introduced during the previous update regarding [Possible Game Modes].

■ Weekend battle schedule
Weekend battle schedule special rules
[PST] 11/24/2022 11:00 – 11/25/2022 10:59
[CET] 11/24/2022 20:00 – 11/25/2022 19:59
“Mix-Up”, “Simple Battle”, “Shuffle Target”, “Brawl Match” and “Duel Match” will take place every two hours.
[PST] 11/25/2022 11:00 – 11/26/2022 10:59
[CET] 11/25/2022 20:00 – 11/26/2022 19:59
[PST] 11/26/2022 11:00 – 11/27/2022 10:59
[CET] 11/26/2022 20:00 – 11/27/2022 19:59
■ schedule for the next clan match
Please refer here for the next Clan Match schedule and reward collection period.
For an overview of the clan match, please refer here.
■ Fixes
    • ◎ Units
    • ・ By “Sinanju Stein (ZA)”, a fix applied to the “Active Cleanse” skill causing abnormal movement of unintended directions when the skill is activated.
    • Some MS have their visors fixed, glowing unnaturally during boarding.
    • ■ affected by MS
    • ・ General Motors leadership
    • ・ General Motors driving space type
    • ・GM NS space type (V)
    • ・High Boost GM
    • ◎ battle
    • ・ The fix is ​​applied to parts (head, arms, back) that are healed when picking up MS with the “NT-D Ability Boost” skill as well as activating “Awaken Ability Boost”.
    • ・ A fix is ​​applied where the number of hits varies depending on the distance from the attack target with some types of beam weapons.
    • ■ Weapons affected
    • ・Gundam Delta Kai: Secondary weapon “Hi Mega Cannon”
    • ・ Döven Wolf: Secondary weapon “B Rifle + Mega Launcher”
    • ・ By PS4®, a fix is ​​applied to the number of hits stacked each time some radiation-type ray weapons are fired
    • ■ Weapons affected
    • ・ Gundam Unit 4 (Bst): Sub-weapon “Mega Beam Launcher”
    • ・ Athena Palace: Secondary weapon “Shoulder Beam Cannon”
    • ◎ Custom parts
  • ・ For some custom parts, the issue of text not related to the effects being displayed has been fixed.
    There is no change in the performance of the mentioned custom parts due to the above patch.
  • ■ Custom parts affected
  • ・ LV4-5 ballistic armor
  • ・ LV4-5 anti-beam shield
  • ・ Anti-Melee Armor LV4–5
  • ◎ Others
  • ・ For the database, a fix has been applied to “GM III Beam Saberx2” not sorting correctly when sorting names in “Item Data>Main Weapons”.
  • ・ About the “English” language settings, the fix is ​​applied to describe some MS on the personalization screen, etc. being out of frame.
  • ・ About the language settings “Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)”, “Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong)”, “Simplified Chinese”, the fix applied to the name “Sinanju Stein (ZA)” is not standardized.
  • ■ How to update game data
  • Start “Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2” from the PlayStation®4 or PlayStation®5 home screen.
    If you are connected to the Internet, the latest version will be downloaded automatically.
  • After the update is completed successfully, the [ver. information] Displayed in the upper right corner of the screen “HARO” will be updated.
    if it was [ver. information] Expired, please wait a bit and try again.
    Please note that different players, [ver. information] They will not match each other.

That’s it for the patch notes. Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 has now been released for the PS5 and PS4 consoles.

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