Meta Quest 2 update increases the GPU performance of the VR headset by 7 percent

The Meta Quest 2 is already one of the most powerful VR headsets on the market and is now officially available in Germany. Owners can now look forward to improved GPU performance thanks to the new Meta Quest 2 update.

The Meta Quest 2 update brings more GPU performance

After the German Federal Cartel Office gave the green light to sell the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 2 Pro in Germany at the end of November 2022, you can finally buy a VR headset in this country.

Next, if you want to get the most out of your virtual reality glasses, you should update the firmware as soon as possible. The provider has now introduced the Meta Quest 2 update which greatly increases GPU performance.

A simple software update provides a full 7% increase in the performance of games and applications. Specifically, the clock rates of the installed GPU have increased to 525MHz, previously at 490MHz. “No integration or coding is required to reap these benefits,” Meta said in the press release.

The dynamic timing system does not operate automatically yet

Meta Quest 2 automatically detects whether a game or application would benefit from an increased clock speed and adjusts performance accordingly. The system is called the dynamic timing system, but it does not work automatically yet.

To use it, it is currently still necessary to take the VR headset off and put it back on after starting a game or app, or to activate a sleep cycle by pressing the power button twice.

The Meta Quest 2 update to version 49 is supposed to make these additional steps to activate the dynamic timing system unnecessary and automatically activate GPU optimization, but when this additional update is supposed to be released is yet to be revealed.

Improving GPU performance should allow the VR headset to render games at higher resolutions for longer periods of time. Meta also told The Verge that the performance improvement won’t have a significant impact on the VR headset’s battery life.

There are currently no apps that are specifically designed with improved performance in mind. But, Existing applications that sometimes run based on the GPU It can automatically benefit from the extra power,” continues Meta spokesman David Gordon.