Making a better world through innovation a key focus of ETSI IoT Week 2022

  • The must-attend event provides an up-to-date overview of key European and global trends in IoT services, technology innovations and deployments

Sophia Antipolis September 14, 2022The potential of IoT technologies to improve the lives of people across Europe through the digital, green and e-health revolutions will be a major focus of this year’s ETSI IoT Week and Conference.

Held in Sophia Antipolis, France, October 10-14, ETSI IoT Week is an annual event for organizations and stakeholders interested in the service and operational domains of the Internet of Things. Speakers at the conference will include regulators, academics and practitioners from notable IoT companies across Europe.

There will also be a presentation section with presentations showing how the Internet of Things can be used for public protection and disaster relief as well as how they can support the latest in drone management. Previous attendees include industry, SMEs, research and development, academia, policy and decision makers, users of IoT standards such as cities and governments, and societal actors.

“The ETSI IoT Week is an excellent opportunity to network with other IoT stakeholders and actively shape the future of IoT solutions and standards,” said Enrico Scarone, Chair of the ETSI Smart M2M Technical Committee. “By providing attendees with an updated overview of the latest global trends and innovations in IoT technologies, the gathering has become a must-have event for anyone involved in IoT who understands the importance of standard-enabled technologies to deploy IoT services.”

With communication between organizations and stakeholders being the key to the successful innovation and implementation of IoT technologies, ETSI Internet of Things Week provides a platform for those participating to interact directly as part of a series of events: an educational program on ontologies and semantic interoperability of the Internet of Things on October 10 and a four-day conference with demonstrations October 11-14.

For more information on the 2022 edition of ETSI’s IoT Week, “Pursue on Digital and Green Transformation,” visit

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