Lower price and longer battery life?

It is clear that Apple is considering a new pricing strategy for the iPhone 15. Accordingly, the price of the iPhone 15 may be lower than that of the current models. Additionally, the new A17 chip is supposed to be more energy efficient and enable longer battery runtimes.

Will the iPhone 15 be launched at a lower price?

The iPhone 14 series of models has only been on the market for about three months, and there are already fresh rumors about its successor. Apparently, Apple is considering a new pricing strategy for its entry-level models, as mostly reliable leak site Macworld points out.

The main reason for the price reorganization is said to be the moderate sales figures of the iPhone 14 Plus, which turned out to be a real failure for Apple and turned into a slow seller – compared to other models, especially the constantly selling iPhone. 14 Pro (our review), the Plus model is selling poorly.

According to leaker yeux1122Apple is “serious” Considering a new pricing strategy for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. According to speculation, the 6.1-inch device could be offered for $849 or $799, and there is talk of $799 or $849 max for the iPhone 15 Plus. After all, it’s at least $50 less in the case of the iPhone 14 Plus.

iPhone 14 and 14 Plus (Photo: Apple)

However, it is not clear what effect the potential new prices will have on the European market. Here, the current exchange rate also plays an important role, which has decreased compared to the introduction of the iPhone 14.

According to the RRP, the iPhone 14 Plus will cost at least €1,149 in Germany, but Amazon has already lowered the price to €1,085.99. The regular iPhone 14 is also available at a €50 discount, currently for €949.

iPhone 15: New A17 chip with better efficiency?

According to other reports, for example from 9to5mac, the A17 chip that will be used in the iPhone 15 will mainly focus on improving energy efficiency, rather than significantly increasing power.

The chip is manufactured by TSMC on a 3nm process and should allow for significantly increased battery runtimes. However, it is still not clear whether or not only the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will benefit from the new chip, and the regular models will have to make do with the predecessor, as they did this year.

According to the report, TSMC’s 3nm process should enable 35 percent better power efficiency and thus longer battery life. These new chips will be used for the first time in the new M2 Pro processors, and will debut in the new Macs. Next, the 3nm process is expected to make its way into the A17 chip of the next generation iPhone 15, before it’s the turn of the M3 chip.

(photo: Apple)

The fact that Apple seems to be focusing on more energy efficient use makes perfect sense. After all, the now two-year-old A15 chip, also found in the iPhone 14, is still more than enough for most tasks.

However, the question of whether and how Apple will implement the new EU requirements for the USB-C standard in the iPhone 15 generation will be exciting. Other rumors speak of significant camera upgrades and the possible omission of physical buttons on the Pro models.