JNTU Hyderabad introduces new evaluation system for B Tech students

Hyderabad: Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad has introduced a new assessment system for B.TECH students.

As per Regulation 22, the University has introduced Continuous Internal Assessment (CIE) exams, from the new academic year 2022-23. Students will be ranked based on their CIE performance and assignments. The CIE test will have a score of 40, while the end-of-semester test will have a score of 60.

Earlier, CIE consisted of 25 marks and end-of-semester examination conducted 75 tests. As part of the CIE Theoretical Subjects, students will take two mid-term exams each consisting of Part A (objective paper/exam) for 10 credits, and Part B (descriptive paper) for 15 credits. Students should have a score of 35 percent, which is nine out of 25 scores from two mid-semester exams on average.

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The CIE consists of a new assessment in the form of viva-voce, power point presentation, poster presentation or case study on a topic in the respective subject with 10 marks included in the mid-term exams.

As part of the end-of-semester exam, students will take Part A with a score of 10 and Part B for a score of 50. For practical topics, out of the 40 internal assessment marks, 10 marks each are assigned to writing on daily experiences, viva-voce, or tutorials along with case studies or applications, poster presentations, internal practical exams, and laboratory projects.

As part of the end-of-semester exams, the 60 will be divided into 10 for writing, 15 for experience, 15 for assessment, 10 for presentation, and 10 for viva-voce.