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The engines officially started, and with it, our first racer RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 15 has crossed the finish line.

The first two-hour episode of the now MTV-helmed franchise saw a record number of queens (16 of them!) enter the workroom for the first time, as they outlasted their rivals—in some cases, measuring the length of their own wigs.

As has become the custom in seasons past, the first challenge saw the queens compete against each other in an all-out talent show. With a taekwondo-do-chopping, duck-walking, and comedy-infused lip-synching performance, Las Vegas star Anitra took home her first challenge win of the season.

Meanwhile, Erin Dubois at the Seattle premiere of “Alien Queen” found herself at the bottom after a less than stellar comedy tutorial for making ice water, as did Connecticut Queen Amethyst after her underwhelming lip-synching to Lisa Stansfield’s “All Around the World.” In a lip-synching confrontation to Ariana Grande’s guest song “7 Rings”, Amethyst scored the win, making DuBois the first queen eliminated from the season.

Dubois spoke with painting After the premiere aired about her time on the show, getting to know Ariana Grande, joining the legendary sisterhood of the first eliminated queen, and the thrilling conclusion to the workroom drama dubbed “40 inch gatefrom Twitter.

Erin, you did it, you premiered drag race! How do you feel after watching the episode?

Honestly, watching myself on TV was probably one of the most embarrassing moments of my entire life. Getting out first might be the best thing that could happen to me.

I was going to say, I became the first Queen left out of this almost legendary group to be a part of – so if ever there was a good time to go, this is the first.

Not only am I now part of a legendary group of girls — PorkChops, if you will — but I don’t have to watch myself on TV anymore. [Laughs.] I’ll say, I’ve made more money than anything else in history, so I’m going to grab $2,500 and buy the finished outfit.

Well, Erin, I want to get the most important question of our interview off the top –

I swear to God, if this was about 40 inches, I would lose my mind.

… Well, but an act Have you ever reached the bottom of a luxe wig length?

Listen, I’ll say one thing, and then we’ll put this problem to bed, For good This wig was 32 inches long. Absolutely nothing against my sister Luxx, because that’s what I came to learn about Luxx; The laws of physics that guide the reality in which the rest of us live are not the same laws that govern the world of Luxx Noir London. Her reality is her own dimension, and in that dimension, this wig is 40 inches long. I can’t take it from her, I don’t have that power, I’m not a god.

If you can get into the world of Luxx, you will see what you see. For the rest of us here, we can appreciate a 32-inch wig. By the way, it’s a beautiful wig, and she looks great in it. We do not judge the value of a wig by inches.

But I appreciate that this ends up becoming a very real conversation on the show, because you’re a very funny queen who uses the playful shade to kind of bond with the girls around you — find the art is lost on more people now?

I think we live in a culture where, Right SoWe’re very vigilant about making sure people aren’t put down for things like weight, race, age, and gender. this is important. I think some people might be swinging the pendulum a little too far in that direction, trying to say we can’t make a joke at anyone’s expense, period. Obviously that’s not true, I’d just like to make sure the jokes are at people’s expense and aimed at the things they have control over – things like dragging them on, the things they’ve made an active choice about. If it’s something you didn’t choose, I wouldn’t touch it.

I think I know how to read a room really well – just because people don’t like the jokes I tell doesn’t mean they are offensive jokes, which is also important to keep in mind! Also, if you’re racist, homophobic, or transphobic and you think I’m funny, don’t worry. I don’t make jokes for you.

There’s a lot to talk about from the episode — let’s start with Ariana Grande’s big gag Entering the workroom They dress playfully and then guest judge. What was the experience like working with her as a guest judge?

I haven’t met many celebrities at her level – it’s more of an A-list at this point, it’s like an AA-list. She is probably one of the most down-to-earth, down-to-earth and honest people I have ever dealt with in my life. This person is exactly who she envisioned, she has a real genuine appreciation for what we do, she made eye contact with all of us, and she took the time to get to know us. She was in the workroom on camera for probably two minutes? She was talking to us for at least 15 minutes – so lovely, and I felt like she was beyond amazing.

It was also clear, as I said, that not only did she appreciate what you were doing, but she had a very clear and deep understanding of how it works – both pulling and drag race.

Oh, it’s completely Obtains And she loves him. She is not just an ordinary person drag race observer; You can tell that she really wants to be a part of this world. Straight-A for Lady Ariana.

Let’s talk about the talent show. I appreciate your choosing to take a risk in the talent show with a tutorial on making ice water – how many of you chose to do the ice water bit you were trying to stand out from the lip-synching queens?

Oh, at least 100 percent, if not 200 percent. [Laughs.] I can lip sync – I can’t lip sync to ‘7 Rings’ apparently, but I can lip sync pretty well –

Okay, now wait, let’s be clear — that was the exceptional lip sync of your life, and I felt like he could have gone either way for two-thirds of it. You did a great job.

Fine, thank you. There were so many songs they gave us on our iPods that we could have done, and it didn’t matter who I ran into, I could have sent them packages. That song was not one of them. But all of that is to say, I’m a lip-syncing artist, and that’s what I do at work five shows a week.

This moment is the only time I get the option to do something else of lip-synching. So why would I choose to do the thing I do all the time? I mean, now I know why, because the other option sent my ass home, so maybe the lip sync would have worked. I just thought I would get points for authenticity, but they didn’t give those points that night.

You mentioned on the runway that this is usually a bit longer that has to be cut to fit width. What are some parts of this act that you wish you had kept?

I was shocked I was able to get in like I did, to be honest. Part of what makes this work is that it’s a slow burn — something like making a cup of ice water should take about 15 seconds, I usually pull it down to about five minutes, and there’s a lot of comedy that comes with that. There are also many bits about where you can find things like water or ice, and with those aspects you can kind of convey the tone of the piece and kind of illuminate my point. She adds some jokes like, “Make sure your water isn’t leaded,” “Make sure you get some ice before there’s nothing left on this planet,” over and over again.

It kind of reminded me of a performance by the gorgeous Chicago queen Auntie Chan, where she also takes a very simple concept and milks it – instead of lip-synching, she plays a Christmas song, and rings a bell like a member of the Salvation Army so people start flipping it.

I’ve seen acting, I love Aunty Chan. The idea of ​​breaking the mold of drag performance is what I’m interested in doing with my art. That’s why I really like Aunt-chan, to be honest. Whether or not that sent me home, I’m very proud to bring a piece of that to the main stage.

Before you go, Erin, what do fans hope to see from you in the near future?

In general, I am a queen who is very focused on looks, I put a lot of work into the visual side of the clouds. I would encourage people to make sure they tune in to my Instagram, because I’m going to be dropping my look for the show — I’m going to say, if you like runway one, so will you. obsessed with the rest of them.