“I’m 45, guys don’t want to date me”: Woman who does look her age searches for loyal partner

  • A young woman who went online that she is 42 years old stated that she is very single and looking
  • The woman revealed that men do not want to be in a relationship with her because she is in her early forties
  • Several TikTokers who reacted to her video said that she might have been dating young boys because real men would appreciate her beauty.

A good-looking woman, @themilkmarie33, went online to share a video of herself when she revealed she was 45.

The woman said that men always fall back on their relationship with her whenever they realize that this is the age.

Great Genetic Goals The woman said men don't want to date her.
A lot of people said that real men would love it to date. Image source: TikTok / @themilkmarie33
Source: UGC

In the clip, she thus revealed that she is still very single and looking. Many people did not believe that she was old.

Some TikTokers in the comments section asked for their skincare routine.

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Watch her video below:

As of the time of writing, the video has collected over 23,000 comments with over 200,000 likes.

Lawful I collected some feedback below:

Mario1578 said:

“Lies!!! It makes them want you more when you look like that!”

Iam_megan_marie_ said:

45 where??

Latoya Ikpinyong said:

“Yeah, I plan on getting old like her. Do you think she would mind? 45.”

Cole Will said 1:

“You look 25”.

Lorenzo L. Edwards said:

“You must be a boy! 45 is just right.”

dazmennmiller779 said:

“And you’re beautiful.”

Dopefresh_Dom said:

“I suffer from the same thing. Nobody believes my age. We define black not cracking…”

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Chuck Burnell said:

“Age is nothing but a number. This is their loss…”

Ice Pablo Chocolate Bar said:

“They take off…45 as they bring the same energy and vitality here.”

Another woman searched for a husband

while, Lawful It was previously reported that a woman with the Twitter tag, @VanessaFungamw2, took to the social media platform to announce the opening of her search for a husband.

The 42-year-old said she works as a teacher. I attached a picture of her in an abaya on Twitter.

Several people have gone to the comments section, asking the woman to list the things she aspires to possess in a man.

Source: Legit.ng