Humankind Together We Rule Expansion Now Available

Amplitude Studios released the “Humankind Together We Rule” expansion today.

Together We Rule is the first ever expansion of humanity that brings new features to in-game diplomacy, espionage, and six new diplomacy convergence cultures. It comes with the new free update from Metternich that adds stealth mechanics and revamps Independent Peoples.

Together we control the expansion

See the world from a new perspective and manage conflicts differently with new gameplay features focused on diplomacy and espionage:

  • Human Conference – Participate in a forum between empires with Human Conference. The conference will allow players to vote and decide on global doctrines and arbitrate international disputes together.
  • Embassy – Use this new quarter to sign agreements beneficial to both empires, such as joint training or research agreements. or use Positive effect Currency to force the Empire to take specific actions in your favour, such as reducing war support or enforcing demands.
  • ClientUse this new unit family to gather Positive effect. They will also allow you to infiltrate, sabotage and mislead other empires.
  • Diplomatic Affinity + 6 new cultures – the new diplomatic rapprochement It allows its cultures to have a more active role in world diplomacy.
    • Their active ability allows them to disarm an area for 10 turns, while their passive ability allows all of their units, other than just agents, to gather influence.
    • The six new cultures are the Sumerians, Han Chinese, Bulgarians, Swiss, Scots, and Singaporeans.
  • 6 new wonders, new narrative events, new music – Monument Valley, Pamukkale, Chocolate Hills, Eldja, Palace of Versailles, and headquarters of the Conference of Mankind.
Humanity together we rule

Full patch notes Free update from Metternich

Add-ons – Together We Rule Expansion Pack
– New feature: Forum of Common Empires: Conference of Humanity
– New currency: leverage
– New Neighborhood: Embassy (unlock new interactions with other empires)
– New unit family: Agent
– 6 new new related cultures: diplomacy
– 6 new wonders of the world
– 15 new narrative events (including 4 between empires)
– 7 new freelancers
– New game-themed music tracks composed by Arno Roy

Major changes
– New infiltration system! Stealth units are now hidden until their stealth value reaches zero in enemy areas.
– Third party promotion! You can lend your armies to help your allies in battle.
– The new independent people system! You can now sign treaties with freelancers.
– Updated home screen UI! Some UI elements have been moved around the main user interface for a clearer experience.

Balancing and other changes
Independent people now spawn armies less often in the difficulties of Hamlet, Town, and Metropolis.
– Formula modified to reduce Civic Enact costs when many Civics have already been enacted (average -50% reduction in costs).
– Esthete’s “cultural bomb” effect gains reduced, especially in areas with many nearby areas.
– Reframing the effects of the local ideology of power to provide more stability to the garrisons (instead of a neglected “scope of disclosure”).
– New “Colonial” city effects: The Dependent Colonies option now gives financial and industry bonus to cities founded on a new continent, while the Natural Colonies option gives additional stability in cities founded on a new continent.
– Aztec Jaguar Warriors duelists can now be upgraded.

Fixes issues noted by the community (thanks!)
– Adjustments have been made to how the Wonder-Full achievement is unlocked. Players are now required to build 22 wonders.
– Fixed an issue where on rare occasions POIs could appear on natural wonders.
– Fixed some instability that could lead to indefinitely suspended turns.
– Fixed an issue where some FIMS previews on infrastructures were not working correctly.
– Fixed an issue where “[Enacted]The civics sign has not been translated into languages ​​other than English.
– Fixed issues that would sometimes occur when a nuclear strike was delivered on multiple locations during the same turn.
– Fixed some localization issues that occurred with the names of empires in the Paranoia Darkness.
– Fixed an issue where the Assyrian loot ability only mentions outposts and independent encampments.
– Fixed an issue where the Map Sharing Treaty would cause both empires to be in the lead when natural wonders were discovered.
– Fixed an issue where the Roman Token Unit’s (Imperial Guard) tool tip for tactical superiority was misleading.
– Fixed an issue where the wrong treaty-breaking tutorial text was displayed.
– Fixed an issue where an inaccurate ‘No Line of Sight’ error would appear when attacking with torpedo boats.
– Fixed an issue where a player could access joint ventures outside their territory.
– Fixed an issue where loading of custom maps would not display correctly in the uppercase section.
– Fixed an issue where the cooking direction narration event would start too early.
– Fixed an issue where the Deluxe Resource Deposit would appear on the Natural Wonder tiles.
– Fixed an issue where debug text was displayed in the “Leave” event.
– Make the difference between connecting your Steam account to G2G and connecting to G2G in the game more clear.

Other fixes
– Fixed an issue where Civil Rights and Knowledge Authority would not unlock properly.
– Fixed an issue where Jaguar Warriors might make great swords look obsolete.
– Fixed an issue where animals could reinforce each other.
– Fixed an issue where armies would rarely launch an attack from an elevated position.
– Fixed an issue where Garrisons were exploiting tiles around them.
– Fixed an issue where the Instant War support was not calculated correctly.
– Fixed an issue where the ‘Justice for All’ narration event might not be triggered correctly.
– Fixed a “You succeeded in looting” issue in Ransack Successful! The notification was not sufficiently informative.
– Fixed an issue where placeholder text would display at some point in the complaint “Frustrated our occupation of”.
– Fixed an issue where eliminated empires had a “Join” status during multiplayer sessions.
– Fixed an issue where slots occupied by Excluded Empires would appear as available within the “Join Game” menu.
– Fixed an issue where placeholder text was displayed in Ming’s Avatar Neighborhood description.
– Fixed an issue where the tutorial about posting was not showing up.
– Fixed an issue where placeholder text was displayed in the battle result.
– Fixed an issue where placeholder text would display when attacking a wooden wall with artillery.
– Fixed many missing or incorrect texts displayed in the help layer.
– Fixed an issue where no complaints or changes in War Support would occur when looting tiles.
– Fixed an issue where the civil osmosis refusal penalty had the same duration for all game speeds.
– Fixed some patch text appearing if the target city is destroyed by the “Human Cost II” event before the event starts.
– Fixed an issue where the AI ​​would sometimes keep making requests every time a player rejects another request.
– Fixed an issue where the tutorial and tooltips windows would flicker severely in certain situations.
– Fixed an issue where the exploit tiles had a health bar in the tooltip.
– Fixed an issue where “Another Empire Army” would trigger the “A Totem for the Tribe” narrative event.
– Fixed an issue where invalid characters were allowed when saving a custom map within the map editor.
– Fixed an issue where incorrect information was displayed when an opponent refused to offer Crisis Defusal.
– Fixed an issue where the Propaganda Machine event would not trigger when the requirements were met.
– Fixed an issue where players could not purchase resources through the world map at the juncture where you signed a trade agreement.
– Fixed an issue where the tooltip for non-provincial squares claimed to have +1 visibility.
– Fixed an issue where “Under One Banner” would display incorrect duration.
– Fixed the issue of raising grievances due to the suspension of the trade agreement after the imposition of dependency.
– Fixed an issue where the “Ein Envy” narrative event was incorrectly triggered for players in 1st Fame.
– Fixed an issue where the Narration event for Neolithic Legacy Traits would not be triggered if the Star of Knowledge was won on the first turn.
– Fixed an issue where Unit Industry Cost Reduction Structures do not show any gains in infrastructure effects.
– Make the message that appears when trying to use a missile on units that are in a battle between other empires more clearly.
– Fixed an issue where incorrect information was displayed when attempting to breach a treaty after it was recently signed.
– Fixed an issue where the Help Layer UI button was not aligned with the rest of the UI.
– Fixed an issue where “Caralans” for the Latin American Culture DLC would appear as “Norte Chico” in Polish.
– Enabling the “common happiness” civic option in “basic values” now properly reduces the cost of production for symbolic provinces that “consider” areas of public order.

Go ahead and judge together Beta fixes (Thanks! Once again!)
– Fixed an issue where Terra incognita would remain undetected during battles.
– Fixed an issue where the UI would disappear and the game might crash.
– Fixed an issue where an incorrect FIMS preview of the Commons Quarter would appear when placed next to most of the Quadrants.
– Fixed an issue where the required lands could not be obtained by solving the war.
– Fixed an issue where on rare occasions the game could crash when exiting the Diplomacy screen.
– Fixed an issue where players could encounter a large number of unexpected notifications.
– Fixed an issue where Spymasters would not charge residents.
– Fixed an issue where the game could crash if you lost an embassy before signing the agreement.
– Fixed an issue where the game would crash when switching tabs in the Diplomacy screen.
– Fixed an issue where Spy, Spymaster and Envoy units would not get a bonus for attacking from higher ground.
– Fixed an issue where the expansion pack name was wrong.

Humanoid is now available on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Source: press release