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Image via Roblox Mount Everest, a role-playing climbing game

Do you dream of climbing Mount Everest, but don’t want the hypothermia that accompanies it? Well, you’re in luck! You can experience it now from the comfort of your own home in this role-playing game to climb Mount Everest. Grab your gear, prepare your supplies, and let’s get started!

How to Climb to the Top in the Climbing Mount Everest role-playing game

Don’t worry if you’ve never played this experience before – it looks scarier than it actually is. After completing a brief tutorial, find a small wooden sign that says Everest Trail– Following the path that runs behind this sign will lead you up the mountain.

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There is no possibility of jumping in this experience so it is up to you to follow the right path and climb up the mountain. As you maneuver throughout your ride, be sure to keep an eye on your stats in the bottom left corner. The green bar is your health, which will decrease if you fall from high altitudes, the blue bar is your thirst, which decreases gradually as you walk, and the orange bar is your oxygen level, which decreases more quickly the higher you go.

If any of these levels drop too low, you will die and be transported back down the mountain, so it’s important to keep an eye on them! Camps can restore health, as well as oxygen and water. As you walk along the first path, you will eventually come to a sign that says The way to camp 1– Continue forward along the path to reach the first camp.

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Once at camp, you can restore your health by standing in front of a campfire, refilling your water bottle at the water pump, and refilling your oxygen using the tank on the table. All of these will be marked with floating tags.

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When you are fully refilled and ready to continue up the mountain, leave camp and follow the marked path. As you travel, you will come across some warning signs, similar to the ones below, advising you to exercise caution while walking. Follow the direction of these signs closely, as you will lose a lot of health, or possibly die if you fall.

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After some more time, you should arrive camp 2. Here, just like in Camp 1, you can restore any health you may have lost, refill your water bottle, and refill your oxygen tank. Make sure they are all filled to capacity before you leave – the trek between Camp 2 and Camp 3 is the longest part of the climb!

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On the way, you will come to points that require you to climb rather than walk. When you reach one of these points, press and hold e To anchor yourself in the mountain. Then, simply use your movement keys to climb from glowing area to glowing area, making sure to re-mount yourself as you go.

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You will also start to encounter more challenging obstacles, such as ramps and turnstiles, as well as exceptionally narrow and slippery tracks. Walk carefully as you pass these obstacles and take your time, but also watch your stats – finding the balance between being careful and getting ahead is key! when we got to Camp 3Our oxygen level was all the way up twelveso although it was cumbersome, it is possible to do it in one go without any additional/special equipment.

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Just like Camp 1 and Camp 2, your stats can be refilled in Camp 3 using any of the necessary amenities.

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When you are ready to begin the final leg of the climb, leave Camp 3 and continue to follow the marked signs. As you continue up the mountain, you will notice that the stairs become more precarious, the climbing paths more jagged, and the caves deeper, making it essential to stay alert at all times! Oxygen and thirst will also decrease at faster rates the closer you get to the summit, so keep an eye on that as well.

When you finally get to the top, you should see a big flag and some congratulatory signs. Pat your back – you succeeded! Now, take your memorial photo and let’s do it again!

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