How To Play Sail Forth

Developed by Festive Vector and published by The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild, Fourth sail It is a beautiful game that takes you on a journey to conquer the sea world. It has many small islands with different details that are waiting to be explored as you try to uncover different secrets of the world.

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As you would expect from a game that allows you to have your own fleet, this game allows you to fish, fight other ships, and plunder islands to get various goods. You can also take beautiful pictures of the skyline and get wood plants for it, which is the game’s base currency.

Sail management is tough

Sailing boat chilling near the island

The first thing you have to learn in Sail Forth is how to manage your sails according to the wind. On a startup boat you will only have one sail, but it goes up to eight on a sailboat. Each of these sails will have a bar on your speedometer, and You will get different speeds depending on how many sails you have.

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Moreover, the game has realistic ship mechanics and it also changes your speed depending on the surrounding winds. You can tell where the wind is blowing by looking at the white lines in the air, or by heading to a map of the island and looking at the arrows.

The speed of the ship is very slow if you are not going along the wind. If you’re going upwind, The green bar in turning the sail will either be on the very left side or the very right side. When this is the case, you’ll notice that your ship is moving forward a lot slower than it normally would, and it feels a lot more sluggish with the larger ships.

Alternatively, you can head into the accessibility settings and enable the auto-surf option, and the game will move the bar for you. You will only have to select your boat speed when this option is enabled.

The camera has limited reels

Sail Forth Limited Cam Reels

On the third island you visit in the Sail of Forth, You will most likely find a small boathouse with a fisherman, photographer, and painter. Talking to these people for the first time will get you a fishing rod and a camera. In the meantime, you can also start repainting different parts of your ships by talking to the painter.

with your shiny camera, You can take pictures of different things that can be exchanged for planks at any outlet that has a photographer.. Although, you have to pay attention to the lower right side of your screen while shooting because it says how many reels are left.

Sometimes, there will be random events where people will ask you to take a picture of them, and These pictures are usually sold with a good amount of wood panels. After getting enough parts of the map, some islands will have a camera icon on the world map, which indicates a random event.

When you talk to a photographer to share pictures with wood planks, It will also give you more camera reels.

You can buy different items from the big ships

The fourth sailing is to buy things from merchants

There are three types of moving ships that you can encounter regardless of your fleet. The most common are the ships that belong to the Skull Clan, and they will always be hostile towards you. As soon as any ship of your fleet comes within range of these ships, they will start shooting at them and the battle will begin.

Away from this, There is a rare chance to come across a merchant fleet. These are usually in a group of two large ships, and you can talk to them If you would like to exchange the different items shown in the picture above. You can also sell the goods you have to these ships at a lower price compared to the regular merchants.

If you want to live a real hacker life, You can also start attacking these merchant fleets with your own fleet. This is best done if you have a Harpoon Gun as you can climb aboard their ship and search for a lot of items.

In general, these fleets are hard to defeat, and may not be worth your time if you can’t board them and loot them.

How to get pearls

Sail facing forward towards shell with pearl

While sailing on the endless horizon of Sail Forth, it comes to everyone’s mind to win a good amount of money. Since planks are the money of this game, you can get a lot of them by selling pearls to different merchants. Fortunately, this item is not difficult to find.

From the fourth or fifth island you will visit, You will start finding large shells on the beaches of different islands. These shells can be unlocked by hitting them with any type of firepower once, and will reveal a pearl once opened. You can get close to the shell and the pearl will come to your inventory automatically.

You may get some special types of pearls when you send a file A purple prism for night creatures in the lighthouse, but you can’t sell it to any normal merchant.

You can minimize the screen

The fourth sloop was made bigger and smaller

One thing the game doesn’t tell you when you go through the tutorial is that You don’t have to keep the camera so close to the boat, and you can zoom out to see your surroundings more clearly. You can head to the controls and see which button is needed to zoom in and out Depending on what you use to play the game.

When you sail at a close angle, it can make it easier for you to manage the crew and fight other ships. On the other hand, You can get more information about your surroundings if you zoom out while cruising.

Don’t hit the ships in your fleet

Two ships hit each other

While this may seem obvious, How the fleet works in Sail Forth can be very difficult to implement. You can only control one ship at a time, the rest will be controlled by the game’s AI. The problem is that these AI ships are very confident and always sail as fast as they can.

This leads to scenarios where they will run into you as you try to turn in a certain directionEspecially during a fight. AI will turn the ship away from the one you control, But they may do it very late sometimes. To prevent this, you need to be careful and make sure that the fleet does not take friendly damage.

Sailing across the horizon

Fourth sailing map identifying neighboring islands

As an open-world exploration game where you have to hop from island to island constantly, Sail Forth does a great job of uncovering these new islands. Usually, you will be able to get a portion of the map When you break wooden chests during exploration, defeat Skull Clan ships or randomly catch a wooden chest.

Although there may be times when you have no idea where the next island is and You can’t find a part of the map anywhere because its drop rate is RNG dependent. During these times, you can simply sail to any of the designated islands and find the next stop on your journey, as shown in the image above.

Choose a direction from north, south, east or west where Don’t see a site nearby, keep sailing straight in that direction. When you get far enough, you can open the island map and zoom out. This will allow you to see any of the surrounding structures, even if they are not in the direction you are going.

This can be a time consuming method for finding new areas, but it is a mechanism that you can use if you can’t find parts of the map. Another thing to note is that there may be times when you don’t reveal any of these parts. This means that you have unlocked everything, and you have to progress in the story to get more.

Beacons can be used to mark the map

Fourth sail lighthouse marking map

As you explore different islands in Sail Forth, You may find a strong beacon in some of them. While these lighthouses are mainly meant to give away old junk and light posts, It can also be used to tag everything on that particular island.

To do this, you simply have to talk to the nocturnal being and ask them if they saw anything around. when you do this, The island map will open and each point of interest will be marked for you.

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