How To Play Knotwords

Endorsed by the creator of Wordle, Knotwords provides fun logic puzzles that test the player’s ability to solve anagrams in the crossword format.

Knot It’s a great brain tester. Solving anagrams is a big part of the appeal, but combining this simple premise with the structure and rules of a crossword puzzle creates a truly unique and fun puzzle game that anyone can enjoy.

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Daily puzzles and set challenges await players, rewarding quick completion and also providing hints for players who need them. This guide will explain How the game works and giving general pointers to players who might need it.

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How to play Knotwords

Created by Zack Gage and Jack Schlesinger, Knot Players see presented with many anagrams to solve – the game’s tutorial for players explains:

  • Three squares and three letters,NUF“, completes by writing”cheerful“.
  • Four boxes divided into two with the letters ‘Uh‘ And the ‘Dr‘ had become ‘a word‘, because they are next to each other.
  • When the squares intersect each other, they must form a complete word in the format both ways Just like crossword puzzles.
  • When the word is completed successfully, a sound effect is played.
  • If the game does not recognize the word, it is highlighted and must be tried again.

Other than the tutorial, the list below contains tips and features that players should know.

  • Hints can be accessed by clicking on a specific box and choosing a direction for the ‘hint’. This gives the definition of the word that should fit the gap.
  • The hint will only disappear when the word is complete correctly.
  • The same character cannot be used more than once unless permitted by the department.
  • It is always easier to complete the smaller sections first, and use them to “complete” the end of the larger sections.
  • If all else fails, guessing random words can come in handy – the game sometimes uses ambiguous words.
  • Latin words can also be used, so don’t be discouraged if the word seems completely fabricated!
  • There is no shame in deleting everything and trying again step by step.
  • Hints can be obtained by completing a completely different puzzle.
  • Puzzles can be memorized and exited, allowing players to return to them at any time.

Besides the daily updated “mini”, “classic” and “twisted” puzzles, new puzzle books are revealed at the beginning of each new month as well, Knot Players won’t run out of puzzles anytime soon.

Knot Available on PC, Android and iOS.

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