How to Install Tor Browser on Your Chromebook [2 Ways]

While Chrome browser works very well on Chromebooks, some users may want to install Tor Browser for extra privacy protection. As you know, Tor is one of the best browsers for privacy that provides a private Tor network to route traffic safely and has many built-in security features. So, if you are a privacy conscious user and want to install Tor Browser on your Chromebook, then this guide is just what you need. You can either install the Linux version or go for the Android version of Tor Browser based on your requirements. So on that note, let’s move on to the tutorial.

Install Tor Browser on Chromebook (2022)

We have mentioned two ways to install Tor Browser on your Chromebook. Both methods use a Linux container, so if you have a Chromebook at school and Linux is blocked on it, unfortunately, you can’t use Tor Browser. Having said that, let’s first talk about Tor Browser and its features.

What is Tor Browser and Why Should You Use It?

Tor Browser is a very private and secure browser used by people who want to circumvent censorship and protect their identities Against tracking and surveillance on the World Wide Web. Moreover, Tor is completely free and open source. Tor Browser brings a number of privacy-preserving features natively, which are not available in other major browsers.

Tor browser logo
Source: Tor . Project

First of all, Tor blocks all third-party trackers and ads by default and deletes cookies automatically after you finish browsing. In addition, it directs all traffic through Tor encrypted networkRun by volunteers from all over the world. Not to mention that Tor Browser has many features that help mitigate fingerprinting, so your identity stays the same.

In short, Tor is a browser that aims to defeat trackers, censors, and censorship on the Internet. So if you are a privacy-conscious user, go ahead and download Tor Browser on your Chromebook.

Install Tor Browser via Linux on your Chromebook

1. To download and install Tor Browser, you first need to Linux setup on a Chromebook. So head over to our linked guide and install the Linux container.

Linux setup on chromebook

2. After that, Open Terminal From the app drawer on your Chromebook. Here, run the command below to update the Linux container to the latest packages and dependencies.

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y
Install Tor Browser on Chromebook (2022)

3. Once this is done, Run the command below In Terminal to use the Debian Backports package repository. You can copy the command and right-click in Terminal to paste it.

echo "deb buster-backports main contrib" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/backports.list
Install Tor Browser on Chromebook (2022)

4. Next, execute the following command to Install Tor Browser on a Chromebook.

sudo apt install torbrowser-launcher -t buster-backports -y
Install Tor Browser on Chromebook (2022)

5. After installation, you will find the Tor Browser shortcut under the file Linux folder in your app drawer. Click to open the browser.

Install Tor Browser on Chromebook (2022)

6. Now, it will start to drag a file Last updated And install Tor Browser on your Chromebook. Finally, click on the same shortcut again, and Tor Browser will be ready to use.

Install Tor Browser on Chromebook (2022)

Install the Tor Browser Android app on your Chromebook

If you want to run the Android version of Tor Browser on your Chromebook, you can do that as well. But again, you will need to enable and use a Linux container to load the application. Tor Browser is not officially available on the Play Store for Chromebooks. So to learn more about how to install this privacy-focused browser, read on.

1. After setting up Linux, follow our article on how to sideload Android apps on Chromebooks. This will let you Download Tor Browser APK manually.

adb setup on chromebook

2. Next, download Tor Browser APK on your Chromebook from the official website using the link here. Most Chromebooks based on Intel or AMD (64-bit) processors will need x86_64 APKand you can go to x86 Version for 32-bit processors. If using a 64-bit ARM-based Chromebook, download the aarch64 APK or go to arm The version if you have an ARM 32-bit processor.

Install the Android version of Tor Browser on your Chromebook

3. After downloading Tor Browser APK, Open the Files app And move the APK file to the “Linux Files” section. Here, rename the file to tor.apk For convenience of use later.

Install Tor Browser on Chromebook (2022)

4. Next, open the Terminal app and Run the command below. This will install the Android version of Tor Browser on your Chrome OS device. I’m assuming you’ve already set up ADB on your Chromebook by following the tutorial linked to method #1.

adb install tor.apk
download sideload tor apk

5. Now, open the app drawer and you will do that Find the Tor Browser Shortcut. Click to open it, and there you have the Android version of the browser running on your Chromebook.

download sideload tor apk

Two Easy Ways to Download Tor Browser on Chromebooks

These are the two methods you can use to run Tor Browser on your Chromebook. If Chrome isn’t cutting it for you due to privacy concerns, Tor has you covered. Anyway, that’s all of us. If you’re looking for the best Chromebook apps in 2022, head over to our curated list. And for more Chrome OS tips and tricks, follow our guide linked here. Finally, if you are facing any issues, do let us know in the comments section below.