How to get Mechabre, the new Festival of the Lost sniper rifle in Destiny 2

It won’t be a celebration of the missing in Fate 2 Without new event loot to hunt down, this new loot comes in the form of a Mechabre Arc Legendary Arc sniper rifle. Swinging iconic design and color scheme inspired by Gundam suit mobileIt is the perfect complement to the three mech-themed armor sets available in the shop.

Mechabre is an aggressive framed sniper rifle with an uncharacteristically low zoom that matches its smarter adaptive frame counterparts, and comes with a new parent feature: Search Party. Search Party alone serves as a substantial alternative to Snapshot Sights, but Mechabre still comes with classic franchise options like opening shot, moving target, and engaging newcomers like Perpetual Motion to offer great potential builds.

The weapon can only be obtained for the duration of the Lost Festival run, which ends on November 8th. This means players will want to make sure they grind all the rolls they want from Mechabre before the window of opportunity closes and they’ll have to wait another year to try again.

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Gone but not forgotten

Screenshot via Bungie

The first track that the majority of first-time players will get from Mechabre is the “Gone But Not Forgotten” mission. Players can gain this mission by talking to Eva Levante at the Tower Courtyard, which is required to start participating in the event’s many festivities. The mission serves as a tutorial for the Festival of the Missing, in which players wear the festival mask, obtain Spectral Pages, and then show them off by killing headless people in a haunted sector activity.

When you complete the tutorial, talk to Eva Levante again to finish the mission and she will hand you a free roll of Mechabre Legendary Sniper Rifle.

Inhabited sectors

Image via Bungie

To grind more Mechabre drops, players will want to run a Festival of the Lost’s Haunted Sectors activity. The node is accessible from the tower and has fire squads of three to summon and kill boss enemies known as Headless Enemies.

At the end of the activity, after killing the last boss, a chest will often appear that rewards players with one of the four weapons currently available in the Lost Festival: BrayTech Werewolf, Jurassic Green, Horror Story, and Mechabre. Not having an optimized path to get an exclusive new sniper rifle can be frustrating, but Haunted Sectors will make up the bulk of your playtime during the event runtime. Clocking in at just about 10 minutes or less per run, it won’t be long before your stash is filled with Mechabre Rolls to dig into.