How to Fix Netflix Error Code UI3012

You just downloaded Netflix to watch the latest episode of your favorite show and it displays the Netflix error code UI3012. How can you fix it?

Below, we will explain the possible cause of the error code and how you can troubleshoot your Netflix connection.

What Causes the Netflix UI3012 Error Code?

The Netflix UI3012 error code occurs when there is a connection problem with your network connection. For example, you may have a weak Wi-Fi signal or something else is affecting your internet connection.

You may see the following error messages:

  1. Oops, something went wrong.
  2. Unexpected error.
  3. There was an unexpected error. Please reload the page and try again.

This error most often occurs on a Mac or Windows computer, but it also sometimes appears on streaming devices including smart TVs and the iOS/Android app.

Here is the troubleshooting guide for error code UI3012. We’ll start with the easiest and most popular solutions, so start with the first one and work your way down.

Refresh the web page

Try to reload the page. Sometimes, this is enough to fix the error. If the problem only occurs when you try to play a video, try signing out and back in to your Netflix account. To do this, open Netflix and click your account in the upper right corner. Then, in the drop-down menu select Exit.

If the error persists, try the following steps.

Check if Netflix is ​​down

If Netflix crashes, you will not be able to connect to their servers. To check if there’s a Netflix outage, you can check your social media, or load a page like Down Detector.

Turn off your VPN

VPNs and proxy networks can affect your network connection. Try disabling the VPN/proxy and reloading Netflix. If it works, it is possible that your VPN is interfering with your connection to the Netflix servers. You can try a different VPN connection or server location or simply disable it when you want to access the service.

Network connection troubleshooting

There are several ways in which your internet connection may prevent you from accessing Netflix. Here are some steps to troubleshoot your network connection:

  1. Connect to a private or cellular network. If you’re on a public network, the administrator may have blocked connections to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Also, depending on where you are, your network bandwidth may be too low for you to stream videos. Changing to your own network will solve this problem.
  2. Reboot for you home network. If you haven’t restarted your router in a while, a network reset may fix any network issues. To do this, turn off the router/modem for at least 30 seconds, then turn them back on again. Finally, reconnect to the network and try to load Netflix.
  1. try Ethernet cable. There may be a problem with your router’s Wi-Fi network. To check, you can try to connect your device directly to the modem or router via an Ethernet cable. If you are already using an Ethernet cable, double-check that it is working properly and not damaged anywhere.
  2. close to file Router. If you can’t use an Ethernet cable, try to get close to the router as this will improve your Wi-Fi signal strength.
  3. Reset network settings. If you recently changed any of your network settings (such as setting a custom DNS), this could be the cause of the UI3012 error code. You can return to the default connection settings via your router’s settings menu or via Windows settings. To do this, open Windows Settings > Network and the Internet > Network reset.
  1. summon thy Internet service provider (Internet service provider). If you are having issues with your network that you cannot resolve, your last resort is to contact your Internet Service Provider. Your network may experience outages in your area, but if it’s an issue with your hardware, they should be able to help.

Try a different web browser or device

Occasionally, updates to Netflix or the device/browser you’re using may cause compatibility issues, including Error Code UI3012. To see if this is the problem, try another web browser (for example, Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Opera). Alternatively, you can try downloading the Netflix app on Android, iPhone, or desktop computer.

Another thing that can cause problems with Netflix is ​​any browser extensions or add-ons. You can check if this is the problem by disabling all your add-ons, then re-enabling them one by one while trying to load Netflix.

It’s time for binge

There is nothing worse than a random mistake that prevents you from unwinding. But fortunately, resolving the Netflix UI3012 error code should be relatively easy. With this tutorial, you should be able to experience bug-free Netflix streaming like before.