How to defeat Chapalania in Forspoken

Chapalania is the first mini-boss you have to face and learn how to defeat Facebook. The combat is fairly simple, but no matter how simple it is, Chapalania is still considered a small boss, and you shouldn’t just rush into battle with no idea how to win. This is where we come in, though. Being Frey’s first real test of strength and endurance in battle, you may have to put in a little extra effort in this fight. Keep reading to learn how to defeat the first mini-boss, Chapalania, in Facebook.

How to defeat Chapalania in Forceboken

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Forspoken: How to defeat Chapalania

Once you reach Chapter 2 and make your way through the ruins, sooner or later you will meet Chapalania. When this happens, you will be trapped in empty space and unable to escape. When you encounter the huge bloodthirsty bear, you will need to mount it first. On PlayStation, this can be done using the R3 button. This will ensure that your camera angle is always locked in Chapalania, and you can see the little coach at all times. This will save you from any sneak attacks since you haven’t unlocked the Shuffle function yet. This could easily save your life throughout this battle.

The next thing to remember when heading into this fight is to make sure you keep moving. Don’t stay still. Otherwise, Chapalania’s attacks will degrade your health very quickly. As you move around and avoid attacks, use chain shot to reduce her health. Also, use your Bind ability whenever you can to immobilize Chapalania so you can land more hits with your Burst Shot.

After you have been engaged in a fight with Shabalanya for a short time, you will be given a tutorial on how to use Surge Magic, which will help you a lot, as it allows you to use heavier attacks and deal more damage. In order to use your Surge Magic, you’ll use the Bind to immobilize Chapalania, then press the R2 and L2 buttons simultaneously to launch your Surge Magic attack. Keep using these methods, and you will defeat Chapalania in no time.


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This is all you need to know about how to defeat Chapalania Facebook. Be sure to check back for more useful and interesting guides, and as always, be safe and have fun!