How to complete Timed Strike Training during the Gotham Knights “Knighthood” questline

Gotham Knights can be a rough experience for those new to the franchise. The game is not completely forgiving when it comes to combat and confrontations, which is why it is important to make the most of the tools at your disposal.

One such combat feature that is an integral part of the game’s mechanics is Timed Strike, the mastery of which will allow you to make some of the game’s toughest confrontations noticeably easier.

However, to be able to master Timed Strike, you will first need to successfully try it out in the Gotham Knights tutorial during the ‘Knighthood’ quest. The tutorial is an integral part of the mission, as it will also allow you to unlock new traversal modes for all characters in the game.

Given that Gotham Knights has a great open world design, having new ways to cover distances quickly is already a blessing. Hence, today’s guide will go into how to complete the Gotham Knights timed strike training in order to complete the Knighthood quest.

Complete Time Kick Training in Gotham Knights

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To start the timed strike training, you will be asked to advance through the game a bit until the Knighthood Questline begins, and you will be asked to make your way to the bell tower.

From there you will need to,

  • Make your way to the training area and get close to the doll. When you interact with it, using (X Button on PS, E on PC) you will be able to unlock more training options.
  • In the “Advanced Training” options you will find the three classes that you can practice with Timed Strikes being one of them. When you click the option, the training dummy will run allowing you to practice the move.
  • Gotham Knights timed kicks can help you take on tougher opponents or even a whole horde of them if you master them. The more you hit with it, the more damage you will do and the more momentum you will gain.
  • To perform the blow on the dummy, you will need to climb it up and use the melee attack. Once your hit lands, you will be asked to tap the action button again, and your character will deal a timed strike.
  • Once you are able to do this successfully, the training will be complete and you will have completed it successfully.

Mastering Timed Strike with some of the other characters can be incredibly easy, but that’s not the case with Red Hood. To be able to master the attack with him, players are advised to use the triangle button instead of the square on the PlayStation, and then double-click the triangle again.

What traversal abilities are unlocked after completing Gotham Knights ‘Knighthood’ quest

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After completing the Knighthood mission, you’ll be able to get your hands on a lot of additional traversal tools for each of the characters in the game.

The new movement capabilities are:

  • night suite: hammock flying
  • Robin: Slideways portal
  • bat girl: pull out of
  • red cap: mystical leap

These, along with the Grappling Hook and Batmobile, will allow you to pass through Gotham City in no time.

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