How Third Person View Mode Works In Grounded

Learn how Grounded’s third person mode works, including a switch and menu you can use to switch to first person mode.

How does the third person view mode work in the first place

Posted on September 30, 2022

The third person is a popular first person perspective that places the players’ perspectives behind or over the shoulder of the character within the game. Its popularity has even developed POV into a genre under which many video games are developing.

Fortunately, Obsidian Entertainment’s newest title and adventure, Basically, it offers a third-person perspective that players can switch between depending on their needs.

When you start a new game in Grounded, it will guide you through a basic tutorial that explains some of the crucial game mechanics. However, it fails to highlight the switch or menu that you can use to switch from first person to third person.

How does the third person view mode work in the first place

How to use the third person mode in the ground
Grounded’s third person perspective is great for exploring the surroundings and combat. (Photo: Obsidian Entertainment/Hritwik)

The third person view is an additional camera mode that players can use while playing Grounded to get a better look at the surroundings and their personality.

Switching to third person mode while engaging in combat with a melee weapon proves useful as it provides a better look at the environment; Also you will not get confused by the attack animation.

How to use the third person mode in the ground
The first person mode might be better to collect resources, explore the base, or use specific weapons. (Photo: Obsidian Entertainment/Hritwik)

At the beginning of the game, your character is in first person mode. However, you can switch from first person to third person in the ground from the start with the press of a button or via the quick action menu.

How to switch between the first person and the third person on Earth

How to switch to third person mode in the ground
You can set a hotkey to switch between camera modes in the ground. (Photo: Obsidian Entertainment/Hritwik)

You can switch between 1st and 3rd person POVs in Grounded by pressing key u on your keyboard. On Xbox, you have to use a file D-pad To open the list of quick executable items, then select the top option called “Switch launcher camera”.

Switch between 3rd person and 1st person mode on the ground
The list of executable items gives you access to several important features, including switching between first person and third person modes. (Photo: Obsidian Entertainment/Hritwik)

Doing so will change the camera’s perspective. Besides, on PC also, you can use the Z key to open the Executables quick menu and select the top option to switch to the Grounded third person view.

This concludes our guide on how the third person view of Grounded works.

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Featured image courtesy of Obsidian Entertainment / Hritwik.