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As an open world RPG, Gotham Knights He tries to distinguish himself from Batman Arkham Series featuring playable characters ranging from Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and Red Hood. There is enough to keep the superhero title fresh. The heroes form an uneasy alliance as they prepare to solve Batman’s latest investigation. Looks like Scott Snyder Owl Court series in Batman Universe.

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Despite mixed reviews, Gotham Knights Packed with enough content to keep DC super fans busy for a long time. The game is the closest fans will get titans The game, where players have the opportunity to switch between heroes at any time in the game after the end of the tutorial. The different feel of the characters can provide a sense of replayability, but What is the duration Gotham Knights?

How long does it take to beat Gotham Knights

For the campaign alone, most players reported this Gotham Knight Lasts about 20 hours to play once. Outside of the main story, there are plenty of lore, easter eggs, and crimes to be discovered and solved Gotham Knights.

Fortunately, these situations and missions develop naturally and do not overload the player with much to do at once. to find everything and Unlock every achievement/cup in Gotham KnightsAnd the can continue Up to 35 hours.

Is there an additional new game in Gotham Knights?

An excellent way for games with RPG mechanics is to implement New Game Plus Mode. Luckily, Gotham Knights Includes New Game Plus mode To add longevity and replayability to the masses. It also increases the level cap from 30 to 40.

How many cases are in Gotham Knights?

Each chapter / case in Gotham Knights It has many sub-cases that the team has to solve. The list of issues for the main story is as follows:

Case One: The Last Case of Batman

  • Subcase 1: Kirk Langstrom
  • Subcase 2: Langstrom Engine
  • Subcase 3: Strange science
  • Subcase 4: Black Jet Blues

Case Two: Down the Rabbit Hole

Situation Three: In the Shadows

  • Subcase 1 – Key
  • Sub-case 2 – Chelsea Tunnel

The fourth case: the farce

  • Subcase 1: Mark Hendricks
  • Sub-state 2: The Orchard Hotel

Fifth Case: Al-Boom Court

  • Subcase 1: Small birds
  • Subcase 2: Inside the Walls of Gotham

Case Six: Jacob Keane

  • Sub-case 1: Court ruling
  • Sub-case 2: The Court’s Voice

Case Seven: The League of Shadows

  • Sub-case 1: Friends in need
  • Subcase 2: Talia Al Ghul

Eighth case: the head of the devil

  • Sub-case 1: Dangerous atmosphere
  • Sub-case 2: Lazarus pit

Gotham Knights Supervillain Cases

In addition to the main tasks, players have Three optional cases for officials to solve. The list of cases involving Harley Quin, Clayface and Mr. Freeze is as follows:

Harley Quinn

  • Sub-case 1: Harley Returns
  • Sub-case 2: d. K. At Monarch Theatre
  • Sub-case 3: Calling d
  • Sub-case 4: Chaos in general

Mr. Ice

  • Sub-case 1: Theft at STAR Labs
  • Subcase 2: Cold Front
  • Subcase 3: Quartz Labs
  • Subcase 4: Gotham City on Ice
  • Sub-State 5: On Thin Ice
  • Sub-case 6: Outbreak in BlackJet


  • Sub-case 1: Malleable modulator
  • Sub-case 2: a disorder of Dixon-Dox
  • Sub-case 3: Rumble in the tank

Gotham Knights Now available for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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