Horizon Forbidden West Didn’t Spotlight the Berserk Effect Enough

Horizon Forbidden West It introduced many new weapons and tactics based on the system it was established in Horizon Zero Dawn. The new system overhauled a lot of the arc mechanics that appeared previously, getting rid of many conventions from the first game and doubling down on new classifications and genres in the game. Horizon Forbidden West. The changes have redefined the tactical advantages of each weapon class, helping players create better builds that adapt to their playstyle.

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While weapon ammo types such as Frost, Fire, Acid, Plasma, Berserk, and more are repeated on different weapons, which can lead to confusion among players, paying attention to weapon class and usage helps sort and organize the myriad of weapons. For example, War Bows from Horizon Zero Dawn that handled the initial payloads were removed, with Warrior Bows picking up the slack in the sequel. While some elemental ammo stands out, not enough of them use Berserk ammo to make the damage type look special.

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Arrows raging in the forbidding west horizon

Horizon Forbidden West Leak DLC

Berserk arrows appear on two Hunter Bows in Horizon Forbidden West. While some Hunter Bows offer elemental arrow types, they are arguably not the best for offering such a load, although all items except Plasma can be found.

Hunter Bows The only weapons in the game that carry a Berserk arrow are the Berserker Hunter Bow and the Marshal Hunter Bow. in a Horizon Forbidden West-Hunter Hunter arrows do not harm enemies; Each hit builds a berserk state until the meter is full, sending the enemy into a frenzied state. In this case, the enemy will attack anything nearby, which is a valuable tactic to reduce a group of machines while staying out of sight.

Many players found Berserk’s effect to be weak compared to other basic effects found in the game Horizon Forbidden West. on Reddit, horizon Fans pressed many complaints that Berserk Arrows didn’t seem to affect machines as intended, whether players used them in the heat of battle or sniping machines from hidden vantage points. It made many players wonder why the Berserk Arrows and Corruption Arrows were added Horizon Zero Dawn removed.

Arrows of Corruption in Horizon Zero Dawn

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weapon system in Horizon Zero Dawn Much simpler than those in Horizon Forbidden West. In the first game, there were generally Hunter Bows, Sharpshot Bows, War Bows, Elemental Slings, Blast Slings, and Ropecasters. Each rare weapon offered an additional ammo slot, and the organization was a bit cleaner, with each type of bow working in a specific way. The War Bow was the primary arc, using Frost, Shock, and Corruption ammo.

Corruption ammunition type Horizon Zero Dawn It works very similarly to Berserk’s ammo type Horizon Forbidden West. Corruption does not deal any damage to enemies, but each hit fills the Corruption gauge until a machine or human enters Corruption. In this state, the affected enemy became hostile to nearby machines or humans until the effect wears off. If used strategically, the player can use these arrows on an entire group of enemies without additional action on the part of the player.

A single Corruption arrow usually fills the meter on smaller machines, while larger machines require a number of hits to take effect. This can be augmented on larger enemies with very rare corruption mods, which can hit most enemies quickly. Corruption did not affect Corrupted Machines, Daemonic Machines, and Bowser Machines like Corrupter in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is important to note that a machine in a damaged state will attack the player if it is spotted.

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Raging Arrows are not linked to the story or quests like Frost and Acid

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Many weapons in Horizon Forbidden West Linked to the story or to quests, whether primary or side. In the main tutorial mission, Reach For The Stars, Varl gives the Frost Blastsling brigades as they progress through the Far Zenith base in search of GAIA backup. This reminds returning players that a frozen state causes machines to become brittle, dealing more damage when hit by damage-dealing arrows.

Acid is also introduced in the same tutorial, where Varl and Aloy discover Oseram miners killed by a dangerous machine and its acid properties. These are eventually revealed to be a Slitherfang, which Aloy fights with his Hunter Bow and Frost Blastsling. Acid is further enhanced by the story when Aloy reaches Chainscrape, and the Workbench and crafting system are introduced to players. Here, Aloy upgrades her Hunter Bow, which unlocks Acid Arrow and helps her take down the Daunt of Acid Bristlebacks that have mysteriously appeared.

Other ammo types such as Shieldwires are offered as bonuses from side characters. Some rare weapons are introduced into the arena after Aloy saves Kulrut and completes the quest to unlock the arena. In contrast, the Berserk Arrows would have been an enhanced version of the Arrows of Corruption, but they are not linked to any story or mission. The Marshal Bow in Arena says nothing about ammo type, and the Quen version offers little knowledge. in a Horizon Zero Dawn, Arrows of Corruption A narrative was built from corrupt machines; It’s a shame Guerrilla didn’t dig deeper to look up Forbidden West peer.

Horizon Forbidden West Available now on PS4 and PS5.

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