Heidi Alagha puts her manicure technique to the test at Bliss Nails

Tucson, AZ (KGUN) – A trip to the nail salon is usually a relaxing, stress-free environment.

But when Heidi went to Bliss Nails in Tanque Verde to try her hand as a nail technician, she quickly learned the work that goes into the job.

Heidi is settling into her new role as a nail technician.

Heidi KGUN9’s colleague Breanna Isbell shows up to the nail salon for a regular manicure—and to protect unsuspecting clients from a possible botched procedure.

I started soaking the nails and then filing them. It was a problem from the start for Heidi, who wasn’t sure which side to hold the nail saver on.

After going through that, I moved on to one of the most important but delicate parts of the job. She had to remove excess skin from Breanna’s fingers. After a quick tutorial on how to use the tool, she did her best.

There was a lot of screaming and frustration but Heidi got through this part of the job and finally made it to the nail polish stage. She shivered at how tense she was, but managed to apply two coats of paint.

It was probably a less than perfect application of nail polish, so the next step was to use a brush and acetone to brush the sides you painted off target.

In the end, Heidi was hired for her efforts and determination to get the job done.

If you are interested in a job as a nail technician, Bliss Nails always hires. You can contact them at (520) 372-7643.



Heidi Agha She is an anchor and reporter for KGUN 9. Heidi spent 5 years as a morning reporter in Waco where she was chosen as the best anchor team by the Texas Associated Press. Share your story ideas and important issues with Heidi by email [email protected] Or by connecting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.