Harare school teacher convicted for molesting student

By Paul Katanda

A teacher at GLEN View 1 Secondary School in Harare has been found guilty of raping a 17-year-old student.

The crime was committed in May 2019.

The admirable Kavurora (29) appeared before the Harare judge, Ignatio Mhini, who postponed the sentencing to Thursday.

The circumstances are that in May 2019, the victim, a student in the sixth grade above higher, went to Kafrura’s office to receive additional lessons.

When she arrives, she tells the teacher that she is not feeling well, and cannot attend the tutorial.

Then camphor gave the girl a glass of water covered with an unknown substance, and suddenly she began to feel dizzy before she fainted.

The court heard that when the girl regained consciousness, she found the accused pulling and closing the belt of his pants.

The victim noted that she was naked and felt pain in her genitals, indicating that she had been sexually assaulted.

She submitted a medical examination at the Family Support Clinic, before submitting a police report that led to Kfoura’s arrest.

Shepherd Makonde represented the state.