Grounded: How To Find & Explore Oak Lab

Earlier, we found out how to activate the mysterious machine in the Earth. It’s time to start moving towards the dangerous Oak Lab in order to advance further in the game. The activation of the mysterious machine triggered a massive and sudden explosion, and you have to investigate the reason behind it.

This essential guide helps you discover the Oak Lab and highlights all the risks associated with it. You’ll also explore the Oak Lab as it relates to the story and your progress.

the main points

  • Investigation of the explosion in the oak tree after the shooting of the mysterious machine
  • Learn to make new items
  • Detail of the path leading to the Oak Lab entrance
  • Exploring Oak’s Lab
  • Discovery raw science and tasks of BURG.L

Investigation of the explosion at the oak tree

Once you have completed the cut scene and regained control of the character, look exactly to the north of the mysterious machine. For your convenience, you will find that the Oak Tree is the large circle to the south of the pond on the map.

The Oak Lab (Image credit: eXputer)

Advice for the imminent fight

Before we go ahead, we must advise you to craft some useful items for yourself. Make sure to craft and equip, at least, one piece of armor before you proceed further into the game. You should also consider cutting some grass and then using the boards to build a coil table for yourself. Basically you can turn your alfalfa pieces into different shapes of head and body coverings.

Rest assured that the path you take from the mysterious machine to the oak tree is almost completely safe. We say roughly because there’s a chance you’ll run into a stray spider or two. If you see one along the way, just try to get past it unnoticed. In case you have noticed, run away from it because fighting a stray spider at this point in the game is probably a losing battle already.

ancient ant hill

You have to keep moving towards the northeast while keeping the oak tree in the center of your field of view. When you move enough units in the mentioned direction, you will notice that there is a large lantern at the base of the tree. There is also a new important site here known as Old Ant Hill right next to him.

The Old Ant Hill (Image via eXputer)

Leftover juice cans and soda cans

There are some juice boxes and soda cans in this area as well. An important point to note here is that most of these leftover containers contain at least one drop for you to drink. These drops have the ability to replenish more hydration than you would expect under normal circumstances. Some may fill you up to a certain amount of minutes.

As you make your way towards the tree itself, you are bound to come across some hostile characters. Chances are that you will encounter moths, mosquitoes, or even ants. However, they don’t pose that much of a threat, provided you don’t bother them enough to react.

OK Lab Entry

Entry to Oak Lab (Image credit: eXputer)

Once you reach the oak tree, you will discover that there are pink fumes around the north side of the tree. Follow the pink fumes to reach the tree trunk. Behind some of the scorched leaves, you’ll find a metal door tucked directly into the bottom of the tree trunk. This metal entrance is the entrance to the Oak Lab.

Oak Lap Central District

Oak Lab Center (Image credit: eXputer)

The central area of ​​the lab is home to several rack shelves. These shelves contain items that can be useful to you as you progress further in the game. One shelf laden with sap, the other with fibres, and the other with dressings. Make sure to salvage all of these items you can because you will need them very soon.

You will also find plenty of acorns in this area. Also, crack open the nut with a hammer you have on hand. The nut leaves behind edible bits of oak along with some other crafting materials for your use. So be sure to save some consumables and necessities for later.

Exploring Oak’s Laboratory

Audio logs at Oak Lab (Image credit: eXputer)

Oak Lab’s first impression is a particularly safe place with no hostile characters waiting to be shipped. You can take a look around the place to absorb all the details. One of the important things to do is to get the audio records while you are on the go.

From this point on, every lab, outpost or field station you come across will see at least one audio record. These records contain information regarding events that occurred before you were reduced to the story. Some of these records also indicate potential threats looming in the area so that you can prepare in advance accordingly.

BURG.L – The Friendly Robot

BURG.L – Friendly Robot (Image credit: eXputer)

At some point, while exploring the lab, you will come across a robot with the name . tower. We discover that BURG.L’s demeanor is very friendly and that they ended up losing their memory, unfortunately, at some point. They are an ally that needs your help. In order to move forward, you have to talk to them. Make sure to check every available dialogue option to move forward in the game.

Science and ASL stations

The friendly bot shows you ASL terminals, along with providing access to interact with them. You can interact with these stations to unlock certain doors in different labs and field stations. At this point, you will be charged with a request to recover four special chips. These chips will help you recover your BURG.L memory so that it can return to its normal functions.

You will discover the in-game currency known as raw science. Raw science has a number of uses. Basically, you will use Raw Science to purchase upgrades at stations scattered across the various labs and field stations in the game. You will be given a tutorial on the interactions you can have with said terminals. You must purchase the two recommended upgrades during the tutorial.

Now is the time to start saving for your lamp upgrades. This is because you will need an upgraded torch later when we get to Hedge Lab.

BURG.L . missions

BURG.L Tasks (Image credit: eXputer)

You will also discover that BURG.L has a number of tasks for you to do. Although they are optional and do not count towards story progression, we recommend that you complete as many of them as possible. These tasks can benefit you in two ways.

First, this is a very good resource for breeding more elementary science, which you need to apply upgrades to your items. Secondly, you will occasionally find items and schemes, some of which have very good use to progress your way through the game with ease.

Next stop – the hedge lab

BURG.L will locate you on your map, as you need to go from here. This site is known as hedge lab. Hedge Lab is home to a chip that will help you recover your BURG.L memory, and return it to its normal functions.

Before moving forward in the direction of the hedge plant, it is recommended to plant some acorns with a Pebblet Hammer in the area around the oak tree. You will need these to make some armor for yourself.

It’s not easy to deal with the hostile characters waiting for you in Hedge Lab. The gravel spear you’ve been sticking so tightly in there won’t help you. Therefore, we also recommend to fight some ants in this area to grow their remains. You must then use these leftovers to craft more advanced armor and offensive weapons.


This concludes our guide to finding and exploring the oak lab in the ground. The Oak Lab is a relatively safer place to roam, but that won’t be the case for locations in the future. The game keeps you immersed in the detailed environment. It also keeps you alert at all times when you are under immediate and imminent threats. Be sure to check out our best console and keyboard settings guide for the best gaming experience.

You may also want to check out our Best Settings: FPS and Performance guide for a balanced mix of quality and performance. Make sure you have the best weapons available in the game so you can mash up the fearsome creatures and send them to Valhalla.

If you have any questions regarding finding or exploring the Oak Lab, be sure to leave a comment below. Discussions about the game itself are also welcome in the comments section.

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