Gray Television offers free text tutorial to help you sort out fact vs. fiction concerning midterm election

(Gray News) — Gray TV is launching a new program ahead of the November midterm elections to help voters distinguish fact from fiction.

In partnership with the nonprofit Poynter Institute’s MediaWise, Find Facts Fast is a free texting course designed to empower people with skills to better participate in the democratic process and detect misinformation online and in their social media feeds.

“The elections provide a fertile ground for bad actors, both at home and abroad, to sow the seeds of disinformation, due in part to polarization, heightened sentiment, and a 24/7 news cycle on social networks,” said Alex Mahadevan, Director of MediaWise. “Finding the facts quickly helps anyone…traverse the flood of misinformation we’ll see in the coming months and beyond.”

Featuring a team of award-winning journalists, the trainers teach learners how to spot misinformation, make use of digital tools to check online content, identify manipulated videos and images, diversify their news ecosystem to avoid echo chambers and practice click tuning.

There are several ways to register for the course.

  • Send FACTS to 903-400-5048 via SMS
  • Send FACTS to 903-459-6893 via WhatsApp
  • Or click this link to register.