Gordon Ramsay Has Some Strong Thoughts About The Use Of Pickles In This TikTok

At first, nothing seems unusual about this burger. In his TikTok duo, Gordon Ramsay gives some standard and angry commentary. “Oh no, not the tutorial for the burger,” Ramsay says. “Toast the cake, toast the bread, you’ll have slush bread!” Slam the overcooked burger patty as mustard, ketchup, and onions are piled on top. Then things start to take a turn.

Pickle coins are added one by one and Ramsay quietly asks to stop them after the fifth coin. But the pickles don’t stop there. Like an avalanche, a mountain of pickles buries burgers. “Stop there,” Ramsay cries, pleading. “Stop, are you a pickle?” Pickles continue to spill and cover the work surface. The top bun is then placed on the pile of pickles and a ‘burger’ is raised from the sea of ​​pickles. “No, boy, you’re going to get ulcers,” Ramsay shouted. “Stop it!”

This comedic “burger” of pickles with a smidge of beef makes Ramsay’s work well, but even the most ardent pickle-lovers might agree that the ratio is off. If Ramsay wants more beef, he’s got that and more in another howtobasic video about the “perfect beef burger,” in which the creator stacks a ridiculous number of patties on a bun to form a towering, meaty-grab-picked creation.