Frobel Academy, where every child really matters

Hora Zuhair, Founder and Principal of Froble Play School and Frobel Academy.


Hora Zuhair, Founder and Principal of Froble Play School and Frobel Academy.

“Today’s children are the leaders of tomorrow’s world.” With the aim of providing the best childhood education to future leaders, Frobel Play School started its pre-school education journey in 2003 in the coastal city’s Panchlaish residential area. In 2017, Frobel Academy was established to ensure comprehensive primary and secondary education for children. With the vision “Every child will strive for excellence as a compassionate and self-aware global learner,” Frobel Academy and Frobel Play School educate over six hundred students from Playgroup to Grade 7 with importance to adopting a hands-on lifestyle with leadership qualities.

Our students engaged in different social activities and using their tiny hands and sharp brains, they could identify problems and discover cool solutions.

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Not only that, they are the only regular schools in Chattogram where children with special needs and those with learning disabilities do classes with normal children, thus breaking the common phenomenon in our society. Frobel Play School and Frobel Academy offer multi-sensory educational programmes.

Let’s take a look at both the “Frobel Play School” and the Frobel Academy

With the slogan “Play and Learn” based on Friedrich Frobel’s educational idea “Know thyself”, Frobel play School started its official journey with 23 children about 20 years ago under the leadership of Hora Zuhair (Tahseen). She is the Founding Principal and Principal of Frobel Play School and Frobel Academy. Hoora is a member of the Board of Directors of the BSRM Group of Companies. Hoora has over 33 years of professional experience in teaching and has dedicated her life to serving children in need of special care and those with learning disabilities in their early life in education.

“FROBEL” stands for “F-Freedom of Thought”, “R-Resourceful Reading”, “O-Originally of Mind”, “B-Believe in Yourself”, “E-Explore the Environment”, and “L-Love Learning”. The three-storey building of the Frobel Play School is well decorated for the first steps of a child’s educational life. Ages two to five learn the subject-based education at Frobel Play School. In 2012, an enrichment center for children with special needs was created: considering the mental health and physical condition of the children, an occupational therapy room, a “meta room” was introduced in the school to provide support for the sensory needs of the children. Not only that, the school has an outdoor gymnasium, petting zoo, dynamic learning spaces, and a library of nearly 1,500 books. There is one tutor for about five to six students allowing personal attention.

Frubel Academy

The modern Campus 5 spread over 3.3 acres of land with a covered area of ​​125,000 square feet is inspired by the idea of ​​inclusion and ensures a loving and collaborative environment that enables children to take responsibility for learning.

The students of the school are learners with a strong value system, critical thinking skills, decision-making abilities and leadership traits that are honed at the school. With an enviable 6:1 student-teacher ratio, they are able to focus on the character development and academic excellence of each child along with their mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Frobel Academy, a Cambridge Associate and STEM accredited school, follows IGCSE O-level and A-levels curriculum.

The campus has already been awarded “Outstanding Infrastructure for Experiential Learning and Inclusive Growth” by Brand Forum Bangladesh Award. Frobel Academy was also awarded the Medal of Honor in the category “Teaching Distance Learning Ecosystem Amidst Covid 19” from the Bangladesh Innovation Award 2021.

Frobel Academy has open, airy and collaborative areas which complement the spacious classrooms which have internet based and smart technology based multimedia facilities including smart TVs so that teachers can optimize the learning environment according to the needs of the students. The library is spread over two spacious floors along with various labs, such as Computer, Cooking, Robotics, Arts & Crafts, Science, Math, STEM and Makers’ Space to enhance and support skill-based learning.

It is an inclusive school and children with special needs and learning difficulties are integrated into the regular classes without any kind of hesitation. They are supported by a team of dedicated and trained Bright Minds Shine Teachers (BMS). A team of dedicated teachers work in the well-equipped Enrichment Center and Wiggle Room (Occupational Therapy) with a focus on individualized learning and support for sensory, speech and physical therapy.

The children of the school go through a plethora of extra-curricular activities including Basketball, Football, Cricket, Badminton, Kabaddi, Archery, Pottery, Karate, Yoga, Table Tennis, Art & Crafts, Robotics, Animation, Game Development and Cooking Skills. It is noteworthy that the Frobel Academy, supported by the Alliance Française de Chittagong, offers the French language to its students to broaden their education. The school also guarantees transportation facilities for students who are willing to make use of it.

To provide the best education, motivation and lesson to the children, the teachers are given regular professional development trainings and participate in various programs by foreign instructors.

School Principal Horat Zaheer (Tahseen) said, “Our students have been engaged in various social activities and with their small hands and sharp brains, they get to know problems and discover brilliant solutions. We do this alongside academic activities. We are the only schools in Bangladesh as far as I know that are fully inclusive “Children including Autism, Down Syndrome and many other problems take lessons in our school along with normal children. We have a Bright Mind Shine (BMS) for children with special needs and children with learning difficulties. It is a comprehensive department and here students learn in one sitting.” . “We want every child to grow up to their full potential and become a responsible and caring citizen of the world,” added Hora Zuhair.