Fractured Online: Negative Reviews Piling up

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The dynamic open-world MMORPG Fractured Online has also been released on Steam for some time in Early Access, but it mainly collects negative reviews. In this article, you will find out how true this criticism is and what is planned for the future.

Information from Gamescom: At Gamescom 2022, we had the privilege of interviewing the developers of Fractured Online and getting some information about future content. Some of the features that the developers have told us about may ease the general dissatisfaction of gamers. We don’t have exact dates, but an approximate time has been given for some features.

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What’s with the negative reviews of the online breakout?

On Steam, Fractured Online currently has a “Mostly Negative” rating of close to 175 negative to nearly 100 positive. Many players who gave Fractured Online a negative review on Steam seem to have supported the game since the Kickstarter campaign but have been particularly unhappy recently. For some new players, it offers too little content or is too challenging. This is probably because there is no common thread and hardly any lessons, so you quickly feel lost in the big world.

Biggest criticism:

  • Much of the promised Kickstarter campaign content is still missing
  • Some content had to be disabled several times due to vulnerabilities
  • Talent trees are only half executed
  • User interface and tooltips are missing
  • Terrible ping of 100+
  • The combat system feels heavy
  • Large spaces but very empty

Even if the developers personally report some negative reviews, unfortunately most of the criticisms are fully justified, and it will take some time before all the negative points are resolved. Let’s take a look at the promised Kickstarter content below.

Bild_2022-09-21_010143827 - Indicative
The most interactive Fractured Online review on Steam.

Is all Kickstarter content in the current game version?

There is not much Kickstarter content on the official Fractured Online Kickstarter page. Many of the features described here are already included in the game as they constitute essential parts of the game, without which it would not function at all. Presumably the lack of various stretching targets is alluded to, which are largely cosmetic. Only the challenging labyrinth dungeon crawler mode is a big plus, and we also have info on it from Gamescom.

  • Humans: The first race was in the game from the start.
  • monsters: Second Race made its way into the game in the latest major update.
  • demons: The third race is still missing and should be implemented for the full version.
  • Resurrection: a kind of prestige already announced on the Kickstarter page. It should appear sometime after the release. This allows you to reset your character to level 0 after reaching the maximum level to become a progressive version of your race. Demons become angels, monsters become evil creatures, and humans become zombies, all with higher starting stats.
  • dungeon crawler maze: Procedurally created, challenging in dungeons, and implemented quite late after its release.
  • Cosmetic Stretching Objective: It appears to be missing at the moment.

All races should have been included earlier, like Alpha 2. It also misses some of the smaller and larger features that have been jammed into various roadmaps and posts by developers from 2019, for example. Overall, game development is taking much longer than originally planned, which doesn’t excuse everything, but currently, Fractured Online is probably not the only game that is lagging behind.

The developers have planned these features for the future

Of course, we’ve already mentioned some of the features that are planned in this article, but there are still quite a few that the developers mentioned in the interview at Gamescom. Of course, we don’t want to block it from you, so here’s a short list.

  • demons: As mentioned earlier, Demon Race only comes with the release. With him, another world and a unique mechanic, because demonic people will play exclusively in PvP mode. You can also leave the Demon Realm for a limited time only.
  • Dungeons: Many non-procedural dungeons are designed primarily for single players.
  • raids: Large and difficult spaces for many players. It must be implemented later after release.
  • Resurrection: As described above, a sort of “prestige” feature where your character is reset to 0, and you are revived as a slightly different ascending version of your race.
  • Introductory questions: A series of missions that will make it easy for you to get started in Fractured Online and guide you through the game like a red thread after the tutorial.
  • world events: Various random events across the map.
  • religion: Maybe some kind of system to show the player’s karma more.
  • chemistry: Another formulation method.

So some features are still planned for the future, and we can only be surprised when they actually find their way into the game. In conclusion, we can say that not always everything goes exactly as it was announced, but the developers are trying to provide a lot of good content in the future.

It must also be said that all worlds will be wiped out for complete release. So don’t worry about getting left behind now that they’re all starting together for the full release next year.

Online Cracked Roadmap - Guided
Roadmap to Fractured Online from 2022 to 2023.

If you have your own experience with Fractured Online or have been around since the Kickstarter campaign, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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