First Level “City of Sanctar” Walkthrough

In this guide, we are going to cover the last level of the first world Pac-man World Re-Pac.

world 1

1-4 HMS Windbag

As the level starts, a flying ship will chase after us and shoot us. You will just have to run straight and jump to other platforms. If you slow down the canons you will gain health and decrease your health, try to conserve your HP because you will need it in the boss fight. Once you pass the running part, a movie scene will start in which Toc-Man comes along and will turn the flying ship into a leader.

1-4 HMS Windbag

Defeat Windbag

The Windbag will fire three cannons at the same time and there will be three orange buttons on the ground that you can press and they will activate the trampoline that will reflect the Windbag’s canon shot. Initially, you will have to dodge a few canons of the Windbag canons because the orange buttons will not activate and once activated, you will need to time the canon shot and Butt Bounce on the button to activate so, the trampoline can reverse the canon ball in the Windbag.

One Windbag reverse shot will take 1 small bar of its HP and this boss has 10 small bars as full HP. The button you press will go into a cooldown, so you will have to move around and wait for the Windbag to fire and then press the button to reverse the shot. Always pause on the currently available button.


After taking down half of his HP, Windbag will get angry and break the floor. You will fall down and then you will have 5 orange buttons. Your Windbag’s shooting speed will also increase, and he’ll swap to the other side of his ship and shoot you fast with cannons, so be sure to jump over canon balls to dodge them or stand on the active button to go back he-she. Also try to pick up fruits and coins during the fight and when you deplete all his HP, a huge wave of fruits and pellets will come to you. Run on the platform to catch as many as possible.

After defeating the Windbag, the level will be completed and you will unlock the second world of the game called Ruins Area.