Fiido presents many new e-bikes

Fiido, known for its affordable e-bikes, has announced that it will be releasing a number of new models this year. On its website, the company provides preliminary information on the new models tailored to a variety of needs and therefore diverse target groups. The seven new products include a wide variety of options for those interested, ranging from classic commuters in various designs to a children’s bike.

Moderate recent past

The Chinese manufacturer looks at the recent past of Hybrid, which, however, should be evaluated rather positively in relation to it in general. For example, Fiido has raised total funding of around €900,000 for the D11 lightweight e-bike and €1.1 million for the folding Model X via crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. However, it was precisely this model that had serious problems after its launch on the market: the bike frame broke in the middle in some cases. As a result, Fiido issued a warning and advised against e-bike use. As compensation, those affected received a free upgrade to the latest Fiido X at a later date.

With the launch of several new models now announced, Fiido basically wants to build on the positive developments before the Fiido X incident. At the same time, the announcement represents a reorientation of the Chinese manufacturer. While the focus was previously on lightweight folding bikes and compact cargo bikes, the portfolio is now being expanded to include entirely new products. The retargeting occurring as the portfolio expands is also emphasized by the fact that the announcement was made in the context of the launch of a completely redesigned website. In general, this means that signs indicate change.

Fiido C21 and C22

With the C21 and C22, Fiido offers two classic Commuter models, which differ only in the shape of their frame. Thus, the C21 is designed with a high entry step, while the C22 is designed with a low entry step. This design decision again reflects the fact that expanding the portfolio aims to appeal to as many target groups as possible—in this case, those interested in a sportier ride as well as those who place greater value on comfort.

Fiido C21. (Source: Fiido).

The C21 and C22 are equipped with a centrally mounted display on the handlebars, which provides information about the battery charge or the gear currently in use. Below the display is a gearshift lever, which can be used to switch between nine gears, and a button that can be used to turn the e-bike on or off. The two bikes are also equipped with a smart watch interface. This allows the e-bike to be unlocked and operated via the smartwatch. It is also assumed that information about the e-bike can be accessed via the smartwatch.

Fiido C22. (Source: Fiido).

The equipment of the two e-bikes is rounded off by an additional battery housed in the lower frame. What’s particularly interesting is that it looks like a drinking bottle and is therefore not immediately recognizable as a battery. This shows the convergence of e-bikes with the design of regular bikes.

Fiido C31

The C31 is clearly different from the two models already presented. Primarily intended to attract a target group interested in ultra-sports riding. It presents itself as a kind of e-road bike, which is emphasized by the typical racing handlebars and the low weight of only 12.6 kg. The C31 is very light in weight thanks to the use of a carbon frame. It’s also equipped with smartwatch connectivity, a fingerprint sensor for startup, a screen, and, according to the manufacturer, Fiido’s most intelligent control system yet.

Fiido C31. (Source: Fiido).

Vido Titan

Significantly less sporty and designed for completely different purposes is the new Titan model. As a kind of primitive cargo bike, it provides front and rear space for carrying cargo. However, the Titan lacks the large, boxy chassis typical of the original cargo bikes. However, it feels quite massive, and that’s not only because of the sturdy stocking surfaces, but also because of the 26-inch, and especially the thicker, tires. It’s also supposed to score with the option to remove the battery without a key, which saves time in daily use. However, the Titan will not be seen on the roads of this country: it has a 750-watt motor that does not meet the requirements for approval in the European Union.

Vido Titan. (Source: Fiido).

Fiido M31

The new M31 is also rustic in design. This is Fiido’s first mid-engined off-road bike. With a relatively thick frame and full suspension, it really exudes to be made for adventure gaming. It is also possible to remove the battery without a key. Said battery has an impressive capacity of 696 Wh. Also remarkable is the torque limit of 110 Nm.

Fiido M31. (Source: Fiido).

Fiido K1 and Q2

The range of new products completes the K1 jogging bike, aimed at children, and the Q2 e-scooter. The jogging wheel is connected to an app designed to allow parents of a child to stay in control. The steering wheel can be used in two modes: with or without the option to use the current accelerator pedal. Switching between modes is done via the app.

Fiido K1. (Source: Fiido).

Meanwhile, the Q2 e-scooter is equipped with a powerful 1200W motor and hydraulic brakes. At its peak, the car reaches a speed of 45 km / h. Thus, approval in the EU is unlikely to be possible.

Fiido Q2. (Source: Fiido).

Prices and availability

The products Fiido has unveiled now will hit the market later this year. From what wheel it will be available in stores, however, it is still unknown. However, recommended retail prices have already been published. The C21 and C22 models will cost $1,599, while the C31 Sport trim will be priced at $3,399. $1,999 price tag called the Titan; The M31 costs $3,999. Prices for children’s bike and e-scooter are not known.