Evil West: All Chapter 1 Collectibles | Questionable Cargo Lore, Cash, and Chest Locations

Finding a train wreck is just the beginning of the road!

evil west is the new action game that sees players take on the role of Jesse Rentier, a vampire-hunting cowboy who needs to use his electric gauntlet to punch and slash his way through waves upon waves of vampires and demons to ensure the safety of the world. During his journey, players will find various collectibles, which include Lore for the avatar of the place, coins that can be found either in bags, chests, small chests, or even on hanging corpses and can be used to buy upgrades for your equipment, unique chests that can hold more gold, and skins for your weapons. And your personality, and even your secret skills and abilities. In total, there are 393 combinations present in the game’s 16 levels.

So, let’s track down each and every one of them! We’ll start, of course, first by going deeper evil westTutorial chapter, “Questionable Goods”. This guide will show players where to find all the collectibles in Chapter 1: Questionable Goods evil west.

All collectibles chapter 1 in the evil west

Chapter 1: Suspect Cargo sees Jesse and his mentor Edgar attack a train while trying to track down a Sanguisuge ship known as Peter D’Abano. In order to stop a train and get information, they blow up a bridge, as the opening level sees Jesse run through train wreckage to get to their lead: a smuggler named Chester Morgan. In this chapter, there are a total of 11 collectibles with 2 lore items and 9 cash. Below is a full breakdown of where to find all the items to collect in the quest.

Criticism #1

Near the start of the level, you’ll receive the game’s first prompt to swing from a branch, taking you from a high cliff to a lower part of a cliff. Once you land, turn around and you will find this bag of gold sitting on the ground near the base of the cliff you were just standing on.

Criticism #2

Progress through the level until you reach the second enemy encounter where the game teaches the dodging mechanic. After eliminating all the enemies, there will be a train car at the other end of where you entered from. Don’t enter it yet. Instead, turn around and make your way to the obstacle shown below. Lean on the lid and you’ll find a small chest to open and get some gold.

Cash #3

Again facing the train car, there is a small cave entrance just to the right of the car entrance. Enter this cave and you will find a bag of gold sitting on the floor at the end.

Lore #1: Fragments from the inventory

You can now hop into the train car to advance down the main track of the level. On the left side of the train car, you will find the first of Lore’s belongings, sitting on a pile of coffins.

Criticism #4

Continue through the train car and head back to the cliff on the main path of the level. You’ll eventually come to another cave entrance where you’ll see a bag of gold sitting on a chest just to the left of the entrance. This is somewhat hard to miss as you will also get a tutorial on cash pickups, as shown in the image below.

Criticism #5

Continue through the cave where you will launch into the General In addition to the fast healing ability, you will need to duck through an opening to leave the cave. Back outside, swing through a chasm to reach the remains of the train bridge and look to the right. You will find cash on the floor.

Wicked West Chapter 1 Collectibles

Criticism #6

After defeating the first Jenu Giant (a tall enemy that appears by breaking through the wood covering a small cave), jump over the short fence outside the arena and look to the right and you will find the cash in a chest.

Wicked West Chapter 1 Collectibles

Cash #7

After you complete the next battlefield, you will climb on top of some boxcars. There is a branching road here with a wooden bridge on the left. Take this bridge and you will come to a cart that flips on its side. Go down to the cart and pick up the gold inside.

Wicked West Chapter 1 Collectibles

Lore #2: Chester Morgan Letter

Return to the main path and go down the hill at the end of the row of destroyed wagons. Go down to the second burning box car and you will find Lore to the right, sitting on top of the coffin.

Wicked West Chapter 1 Collectibles

Criticism #8

Progress through the main path of the mission until you reach a point where you need to climb a long ridge to reach the top of a cliff. Once at the top, you will find a glowing chest on top of another chest. Destroy the glowing chest and you will be able to collect cash inside.

Wicked West Chapter 1 Collectibles

Criticism #9

The final set of the level is found immediately after the previous set. Lean through the opening and go up a small slope to find a burning tree. Look to the right to find the golden bag lying on a chest.

Wicked West Chapter 1 Collectibles

With everything found, you now have all of the collectibles in Chapter 1: Questionable Goods evil west. You can now proceed to the next mission, Chapter 2: The Raid.

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