Everything Revealed About Hogwarts Legacy’s Combat So Far

Avalanche Software’s incredible attention to detail is evident in Hogwarts Legacy. This applies to indoor and outdoor open-world exploration as much as it does combat, though the latter isn’t much discussed. Combat officially debuted in Hogwarts LegacyShowcasing the gameplay of State of Play, the player ascends a cramped stage to duel a fellow Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Combat began as players encountering creatures, goblins, wizards, and wizards while exchanging offensive and defensive spells.

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This show gave fans a solid foundation of what they could expect from the fight, and it wasn’t even like that Hogwarts LegacyThe latest gameplay shows that combat has been rated a bit more. Using a friendly dueling club as a precursor to combat, game director Alan Tew described his basic formula with how players approach different encounters. It seems as if players will have a more varied strategy to consider in combat once they gain more spells as there are said to be over 20 spells to unlock.

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The dueling combat in Hogwarts Legacy encourages rhythmic synths

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Because the combat is geared entirely around stick-on duels Hogwarts LegacySpells are cast at medium to long range. Character animations flourish with elegant stick flicks and spins as attacks can be chained together in succession.

The latest gameplay demo provided a great look at combat with actual explanations of how players would like to approach it. In Clock Tower’s Crossed Wands Duel Club, players can practice in a tutorial against a dummy. This teaches players how to cast Accio and follow it up with consecutive basic strikes, indicating that Accio will be one of the first spells players learn.

Once one of these slotted spells is cast, there is a short cooldown before it can be cast again. Fortunately, players will be able to unlock up to four spells in each diamond Hogwarts LegacyHUD UI, and there are up to four spell diamonds that can be cracked when unlocked.

After that, it’s up to the players’ discretion that they make the diamond slot for easy access and convenience in any duel. Like Accio, Levioso also suspends enemies in the air and opens them up to basic attacks, meaning players can potentially continue chain manipulation for a while if they have certain spells that allow them to do so.

Fighting against characters who can fight is where it gets more strategic with spells and maneuvers players will want to consider. Only certain spells will be able to break an opponent’s shield, for example, where violet shields must be broken with a power spell like Accio.

The player also has defensive options, as a halo wave will appear around their character’s head to warn them of an upcoming attack. These attacks can be deflected by inserting the face button independently of the slotted spell. This demo was shown on PS5, and as such the Protego deflection Barry is mapped to the triangle button. This Protego deflection can apparently also be tracked using a Stupefy counter.

Hogwarts Legacy wand duels can get messy with many opponents


Teo describes stick duels from Harry Potter Franchise has been described as “a fence from a very long distance,” which is true of how rhetorical and thoughtful it is Hogwarts LegacySpell based duels are. The state of play show shared glimpses into several encounters with the player dueling multiple enemies at once, which seems to be a key element of combat.

This may be a result of the player controlling the one-on-one duels, especially if they are able to launch them in the air and fiddle with them for a period of time. It makes sense, then, that this battle would be more dynamic with multiple enemies that can interrupt the player’s combination chain.

This is where environmental interaction seems to come into play, as players can pick up and hurl barrels, chests, or other objects at enemies while another spell might be on a cooldown or if they happen to do so for more damage. Many combat spells for players to wield Hogwarts Legacy It hasn’t been shared yet, but this combative breakdown from both shows is giving fans plenty of excitement.

Hogwarts Legacy Releases February 10 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. A Switch version is also in development.

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