Everslaught Invasion Promises A Thrilling VR Co-op Experience

PC VR Exclusive Everslaught It’s still in early access but that hasn’t stopped MobX Games from working on a sequel to it. Invasion of Everslaut. Bringing intense duo collaboration to Meta Quest 2, here are our full thoughts from EGX London 2022!

Virtual reality can bring us great social experiences. Flatscreen games have the advantage of convenience, sure, but diving through virtual worlds with friends remains unrivaled. Between running a spaceship in Star Trek: Bridge Crowe One moment to tear after the fallsnowfall in After that, everything is very exciting. The immersive potential of virtual reality can’t be beat and that’s probably why there are so many Great cooperative VR games on Quest 2. After playing a demo of Everslaught Invasion, I firmly believe that he will be joining these games soon enough.

Playing as the new hero of the secret Cleric Order, your goal is to fight the corrupt, an evil faction invading the streets. Between the Warrior, Rogue, or Vanguard classes, MobX promises that each hero features “unique play styles and tools.” I wasn’t able to test all three, so I settled on the Warrior, sword-wielding in one hand and pistol integrated in the other (pictured below). Dual melee weapons are also possible, but it prevents you from using the shotgun as a secondary weapon.

A quick tutorial introduced me to the unwelcoming desert town of Everslaught Invasion, where I move with artificial motion. As soon as the waves of Corrupt enemies started, I realized that the action simply did not stop. Enemies appear everywhere, attacking with melee strikes or from range using crossbows, so keep your sharp focus. Things can get confusing if you’re left alone for too long, but Your cooperative partner can always provide a backup. Collaborating with the MobX developer on my demo, we worked really well through some pretty intense battles that made me sweat.

Invasion of Everslaut

If things get suspicious, your character can also safely evacuate with a grappling hook. It’s a useful escape tool but I had a different idea instead: dive straight into the damaged ones and lower them into the air. Imagine a Spider-Man armed with swords and you have the right idea. This is just one satisfying example of the creative ways you can approach combat. In case you get damaged, there are charging stations scattered all over the map. Placing your hand in a station refills your healing meter, after which you can replenish your health at any time, assuming you’re not busy fending off hordes.

After three waves of enemy, the battle was won and I was sad to see the end of the show. I was impressed with what I’ve played and MobX says the game features a “deep progression system” with unlockable skills and weapons throughout the full game. The gameplay felt crazy and relaxing, swinging with the grappling hook and hitting the enemies was fun. It’s a natural fit for Co-op – I can’t wait to see the final.

Everslaught Invasion was launched in early 2023 exclusively for Meta Quest 2.