Elden Ring Player Defeats Godfrey While Dressed as Soldier of Godrick

A skilled Elden Ring player dressed as the game’s first boss has overcome one of the last challenges of Disfigured Faces.

Like every FromSoftware RPG, elden ring Full of tough bosses. From the famous Malenia, Blade of Miquella, which tests players’ skill at the end of the game, all the way to Margit, Fell Omen, who ensures that Tarnished has reached a level enough before facing Stormveil Castle, there are plenty of difficulties enemies must overcome in order to reach the title Elden Lord. One of the last challenges that the player must face Elden Ring The main story is Godfrey, the First Lord, who prevents Tarnished from entering Erdtree.

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While Godfrey is a big challenge for anyone elden ring Player, one fan has taken it upon himself to ramp up the difficulty of combat by dressing up as a Godrick miniboss soldier. Become a Godrick soldier meme in elden ring society, magnifying many of the difficulties a manager does not have. However, one elden ring A player, known as Elmis66 on Reddit, sought to prove that a Godrick soldier should be afraid by defeating each one of the game’s bosses while wearing weak enemy equipment.

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Elmis66’s last challenge is Godfrey, the First Lord. While Godfrey can be fought twice elden ringHowever, his appearance in Ashen Capital is where he is undoubtedly stronger, with more destructive attacks and another stage that occurs after he drops to about half of his health. However, the Elmis66 makes boss combat seem relatively easy, as they dodge nearly all of Godfrey’s attacks, and take small bits of the boss’ HP away at any time possible with a somewhat weak soldier of Godrick’s sword.

This fight with Godfrey marks the 48th part of the Elmis66 race as Godric’s soldier. From other user posts, this appears to be a challenge as the Elmis66 must wear armor and use gear Elden Ring miniboss tutorial. Elmis66 is not the only one to be defeated Elden Ring Challenging bosses like the famous Godric soldier. Previously, another fan of the game fought Malinia as a soldier from Godric, narrowly defeating her.

Aside from wearing the weak little goalkeeper gear, there are plenty of other challenging rounds that players can do elden ring. After defeating the game, many put additional challenges on themselves to increase the difficulty of the battles they already know and master. In one of the most popular elden ring Of the challenges, players overcame the game as the miserable first level with none but the novice club.

elden ring Available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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