“I owe it to my parents for my living, but to my teacher to live well.” Alexander the Great.

Mentoring is a responsibility and a profession as well. When we talk about responsibility, we mean more than just raising children! The role of the teacher is not only to be a good teacher, but also to impart knowledge and the ability to influence the child’s learning, performance and behaviour. Every student is fascinated by their favorite teachers because it shapes their way of seeing the world. They are the ones who eagerly help students develop their learning spirit into a burning mind. This is how a good teacher brings about changes in society. One of those exemplary teachers who has dedicated his whole life to providing his students with the knowledge to build careers with values ​​and dreams is Mr. Tridib Behera, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Tetrahedron Group of Institutions.

Mr. Tredeep Lake has consistently adhered to the standard of adequate and inclusive education. Being an active researcher during his college years helped him establish himself as a mentor to others. He decided to lead the community and create values ​​in the field of education after winning the first prize in one of his college symposiums. After graduating from Salipur College, Mr. Behira went to Ravinshaw University for his postgraduate studies. Currently, he is pursuing a Ph.D. at Centurion University. Mr. Lake is not only an avid reader, but also a research scientist. His belief that education has no end.

Since he came from a large family, Mr. Tredeep had an extraordinary upbringing as he had to start working at a young age to help his family. He had to teach tutoring to enroll in a training center for his private studies. Dr. SudhansuTripathy, his mentor extended his assistance by enrolling in reputable institutions like NM, Padhee, Books and Sachdeva in the year 2000-2001: therefore, teaching was an integral part of his method. Mr. Tredeep has always wanted to transform society by educating the best minds and helping them make their dreams come true. Mr. Ramesh Pareda, founder of NM Tutorial, paved the way for him by giving him a chance to prove his abilities as a teacher. This moment laid the foundation on which we must turn today as a proud teacher.

After 2005, he tapped into the idea of ​​changing the educational landscape and set out to create his empire. In 2005 he established his endeavors Tridib for Chemistry which was one of the preeminent training centers. He intended to oversee all four subjects—physics, biology, chemistry, and mathematics—in one place within the institution in response to the challenges faced by the students. The name Tetrahedron was suggested by Dr. B.N. Das, a retired teacher and administrator, and is neatly arranged as a four-cornered methane chain. With 64 seats, he founded Tetrahedron Junior College in Tangi in 2013 with great hopes and aspirations. They also joined Tetrahedron Senior Secondary School for Girls in 2017 which was one of the greatest institutions in it. In a short span of time, good teachings supplemented with the results achieved by their students has opened a new dawn to make its mark in the field of +2 College of Science outside of Odisha, as a result of its continuing legacy, it has crossed over 850 admissions in the first year, a record-breaking achievement for the institution.

“I can give away anything you want from me, except for a tetrahedron” – Mr. Tridib Behera. He had never had a desire for a material life, but he had a strong desire to have an institute that would speak for itself in terms of quality education and facilities. Creating a tetrahedron is not some kind of dream come true in his illustrious career. From being considered the tetrahedron as his first family to manage his personal life, this steady spirit paved the way for him to become a highly respected teacher.

Tetrahedron offers a range of free courses to poor financial students. The institute continues to provide free training for entrance exams like NEET, JEE, etc. The team believes in great results rather than wealth.

According to Mr. Beheira, the future of the country lies in the private sector. He believes that if the government can implement accountability, the future of education may take a new shape. In addition, in a state like Odisha, the integration of the public and private sectors can work tremendous wonders.


Mr. Treddep’s needs are never fanciful. It is always the success of his students and the growth of the tetrahedron. Tetrahydron Jr. is dedicated to providing students with a first-class education for academic success. Students receive adequate attention to ensure their general well-being and development. They provide 24-hour parental supervision and a supportive learning atmosphere to ensure their success. A group of committed and diligent faculty working non-stop to achieve their goals.

He desires to see his students benefit from the best places in the field of professionalism. “I will be happier when I see 10 administrators bloom from the tetrahedron,” claims Behera.

Finally, he thanked the team for the interview times. He wished all of us to grow more and support each individual who comes up with their talents.