E-road bike with almost invisible drive and carbon frame

With the Scott Solace eRide, the manufacturer is launching an exciting e-bike in various versions. It is offered as an e-bike and as an e-gravel bike, and in both variants it relies on a carbon frame and an almost invisible motor, because the frame is hardly thicker than a regular bike.

Provided by Scott Solace E. Ride

With the Scott Solace eRide, the manufacturer is introducing an exciting and stylish e-bike to begin with, which is offered either as an e-road bike eRIDE or as a variant of the off-road Gravel eRIDE. In both variants, the manufacturer relies on a 300-watt motor from TQ, which delivers a solid weight / power ratio of 1.8 kg at 50 Nm. Thus, the mid-mounted engine is limited to 25 km/h in the European Union.

This has been specifically designed by the manufacturer to save space and is lightweight and measures just 8cm in diameter, making it barely noticeable in the frame. At the same time, the drive unit is supposed to operate precisely and quietly.

The manufacturer has paid attention to the details in the frame and is therefore able to achieve similar rigidity, as on the Addict Gravel model. “Compact and simple brackets provide seamless carbon construction in the frame structure and avoid bulky or complex welds.” Scott promises.

Through the use of carbon fiber, Scott Solace eRide bikes naturally turn especially light. The e-bike weighs only 11.77kg or 12.5kg and is designed for a total weight of up to 120kg. With the E-Gravelbike, a maximum of 13.5kg.

Powerful battery with range extender

Integrated into the downtube of all Scott Solace eRide models is the Scott Solace eRide battery, a powerful 360Wh battery that can also be extended with a 160Wh Ranger extender. This looks like a simple water bottle and easily attaches to the down tube without tools. Thus, the e-bike system automatically adapts to two power sources using SMART technology.

However, the manufacturer does not provide any information about the maximum range. However, in order not to worry about hydration, you can also attach a second water bottle to your e-bike.

There are also differences between an e-road bike and an e-gravel bike in terms of gearing. The off-road version comes with 12 or 14 gears, while the road model is based on a Shimano rear derailleur with 24 gears.

Other special features include an integrated adjustable cable routing, with which you can quickly and easily adjust handlebar position. There’s also a display built into the top tube that provides information on range and battery status, for example. It is also possible to connect via the TQ e-bike app – here, for example, you can fine-tune the ride and adjust the response of the pedals.

When it comes to the rest of the equipment, the different versions of eRide differ significantly from each other, since components from well-known manufacturers are used here. Here it is worth looking at the official product website. All models are available in five total sizes, ranging from XS (less than 165cm) to XL (over 195cm).

Prices and availability

However, all Scott Solace eRide models have one thing in common: They are not a bargain. At least €7,999 is called for the eRIDE 20 e-bike variant, while the eRIDE 10 is priced at €11,999. The e-gravel bike models start at €5,999, with the top-of-the-line Scott Solace Gravel eRide 10 priced at €9,999.