Dudley Council to host online tutorial on composting

Green-toed Dudley residents are once again encouraged to download tools and sign up for a virtual composting session.

Following the success of previous Zoom virtual composting sessions, the Dudley Council is once again holding a free training session on Thursday, October 20 at 6pm.

The free online live tutorial is led by Garden Organic, the national organic growth charity.

Participants will learn about the benefits of composting in the garden and the environment, how composting works, how to compost at home, what to put in a home compost bin and the different types of bins available. They will also run you through frequently asked questions and troubleshoot common problems.

Attendees will be entered into a free prize draw for a chance to receive a £100 voucher for Great Green Systems.

People can join in with the cameras turned on or off and the hosts will answer any questions about the composting process.

The session will last for an hour and a half, including a question-and-answer component.

Anyone wishing to attend can email [email protected] to register and receive the link.

Places are limited to 100 and are available on a first-come-first-served basis. A confirmation and link will be sent to successful applicants who will need the Zoom app to participate.

Chancellor Shaz Slim, Dudley’s elected Cabinet Member for Public Domain, said: “We’ve had a lot of interest in our previous sessions, with nearly 200 people joining us so far to learn more about composting.

“We made the decision to introduce it again, during National Recycling Week, enabling us to reach more of our green-toed residents.

“Composting is an easy way to help reduce everyone’s carbon footprint, and return the goodness to the earth while growing beautiful, delicious fruits, vegetables and flowers.

“I hope residents sign up for this free online session and get the best tips for getting the most out of their gardens.”