Drill rapping ‘terrorist’ Al Arfat Hassan ‘threatened blood and torment if his girlfriend left him’, court hears | UK News

A court heard that one of the alleged terrorist’s assassinations threatened to bring “blood, horror and torment” when his girlfriend told her she had broken up with him.

Arafat Hassan, 19, had been in a series of feuds with a girl he met just weeks before, telling her that she could not see her eight-year-old cousin and that feminism was forbidden in Islam.

Hassan from Enfield, north London, is accused of plotting an attack in central London after watching an ISIS educational video, buying chemicals and other components for a bomb and buying knives.

He was allegedly helped in his plans by a 15-year-old fan from Roundhay in Leeds, whom he met online, through rapping.

Leeds Crown Court heard that after an argument on December 17 last year, the friend told him in a letter: “Go and find someone who will accept you for who you are after all you say you don’t do.”

But Hassan replied: “You can’t separate me, you don’t have that choice or choice in your life, man.

“Ima f**kin blow sh*t up. You swore you’d never leave me. What happened to that?”

“Watch the blood, the agony, the terror, the pain, the screaming, the agony. It’s all from that, no what did you just say.”

The court heard that earlier that day, the couple argued over whether the girlfriend could see her eight-year-old cousin.

Hassan left her a confused voice note saying, “I’m legit I’m telling you, No, you don’t go in front of your cousins, and if you want to go in front of your cousins, I’ll smash them to the king in front of you.”

“You’re not allowed to mix freely like that. And then what? It’s always a problem – ‘Oh no he’s eight he’s 9.’ Bruv in Islam if they’re eight, you can’t, they’re a man.”

The jurors were told there had been an earlier discussion on November 22, in which the friend said she would not apologize for her phone’s death and “take this opportunity to go and pray and help my mom.”

“I will be the monster I always wanted to be”

But Hassan said to her, “Then I will be the monster I always wanted to be, and I promise everyone that I will never go back to him again.

“Long story short, I don’t tolerate massacre just has to happen, or people won’t change. That’s what I did.”

The court heard that the two had a jealous argument over whether she was allowed to travel at night without a guardian, with Hassan telling her that feminism is forbidden in Islam.

Hassan and the unnamed teenager deny the accusations of preparing for acts Terror.

Hassan also denied accusations of possession and dissemination of terrorist materials.

The trial is continuing.