Drew Barrymore Makes a ‘Pizza Salad’ Instead Of Eating The Crust

Gluten-intolerant pizza lovers meet Drew Barrymore, creator of Pizza Salad™.

The actress and daytime TV host took to TikTok to share her hack for anyone aiming to avoid eating pizza crust.

Explaining her unconventional style of eating pizza, Barrymore took a knife to a slice of pizza and scraped off the topping. The entire time, she was grinning knowing that viewers might object to the sacrilege.

“I’m sure people will be like, ‘How dare you do this to pizza?'” “She commented at the top of her tutorial.” I get it. I feel guilty about it myself.”

“I just take the top off the pizza with a little salad that basically has all the same toppings as the pizza, and then I make a pizza salad,” she explained.

Barrymore went on to combine the toppings of what appeared to be a slice of vegetable pizza with lettuce and salad dressing, adding, “Then I kind of mix it up, and it’s really crunchy and delicious. And then you get the satisfaction of eating the pizza but maybe if you’re gluten intolerant…”

In addition to being full of pizza emojis, Barrymore’s TikTok comments section received a mix of jokes and praise.

One user quipped in response to the post: “Drew I’m filing a lawsuit on behalf of Pizza.”

Another replied: “Hey Drew eat pizza life is short.”

One user commented, “You can’t do anything wrong with my eyes.” “I’ll give it a try before I say anything, and then let you enjoy your meal if I don’t agree”

Encourage another viewer: “Don’t wait, you’re really onto something.”

Although the crust-free Barrymore pizza option is a clever trick to cut calories or avoid gluten, the actress has been honest in the past about hating diets and keeping it strictly to the days when she was shooting her projects.

“Let’s face it. I hate it. I’d rather eat Fettuccine Alfredo like all day long.” She explained during a 2018 interview on James Corden’s “The Late Late Show.”

“When I’m doing the show, I’m a vegetarian, and I hardly eat anything,” she explained at the time. “I work out almost every day, and it’s so healthy, and she’s going to be cheerful. And then it’s like food poisoning—you feel like you’re never going to eat again. But before you know it, you’re throwing out the bag of feed strapped to your face.”

“I’m a foodie and love food, and I travel the world in search of food,” she added. “So it got heavy again in between the show.”

This article was originally published on TODAY.com