Destiny 2 Weapon Crafting Tutorial Quest Guide

Weapon crafting was introduced in the Witch Queen expansion for Destiny 2, and it offers plenty of customization options, allowing players to choose the perfect perks for some of the weapons available. For Guardians who missed out on the Witch Queen expansion, or for players returning to the game after a long break, this system could be completely new.

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The resonance foundry And the foundry formation Quests, introduced along with loot season, simplify the weapon making process, leaving you ready deep resonance Weapons, how to get weapon patterns, resonance extraction, and how to finally make them. Even if you don’t have the Witch Queen expansion, you don’t want to miss out on these missions.


quest foundry resonance

Fly to Savathun’s Throne World website from the Destinations tab, then fly to pocket on the left side of the map. This is where the Resonance Foundry quest will begin, and it’s where you’ll want to go back to in the future when you feel like making a new weapon.

Once you land, turn to your left and head through the long, foreboding entrance and go down a flight of stairs. In the next room, you’ll find a huge relic – an altar of some sort – with a pendulum swinging above you. Walk around on the left side. You must discover a blue crownreferring to the pursuit.

Step 1: Get the Ammit AR2 automatic rifle

Once you start the mission, you will be offered a Deepsight Resonant Ammit AR2 powered robotic rifle – a very suitable solar powered robotic gun. You can learn about Deepsight Resonance Weapons through red border in your equipment screen. Take the Ammit AR2 automatic rifle in order to advance the mission.

Step 2: Use the weapon in playlist activities

For the next step, you’ll want to equip the Ammit AR2 automatic rifle (or other Deepsight resonance weapon) and use it while Playlist activities Like Vanguard, Crucible or Gambit. You will need to complete at least one activity (Choose Agent), and you will also need to complete Deepsight target, which is the Chemistry percentage bar that you’ll find on the weapon itself. You can increase this bar by defeating enemies with weapons. Once this bar is filled, extract the chime on the weapon’s screen.

Step 3: Do it again

After completing step 2, you will receive another Ammit AR2 automatic rifle with Deep Resonance (red border). Don’t drop this! For this next step, you’ll want to complete a similar process again. Level up the new Ammit AR2 machine gun by defeating enemies – these enemies can be found in the open world, or you can choose to defeat enemies in the activity playlist like the previous step. After reaching 100% Chemistry, extract the Resonance to proceed with this quest.

If you accidentally undo the second Ammit AR2, you will simply need to get another Deepsight Resonance weapon and perform the same steps with it. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to wait to get another one – or start the task over. Uninstalling the second Ammit AR2 can be very frustrating, so try to resist the instinctive urge to dump that new weapon in your inventory (or mailbox).

Step 4: Back to the ruins on Mars

Once you have completed step 3, head over to The Enclave and turn in pursuit Back where you got it – along the left side of the remains from when you enter the pendulum room. You will get some Alloy resonancewhich you can use to forge the weapon (crafting).

After step 4, you will have completed the Foundry Resonance Quest, allowing you to access the next stage of the weapon tutorial, foundry formation Search.

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Foundry formation task

Step 1: Get the Taipan-4fr Linear Fusion Gun

When you start this search, you will get something good Taipan-4fr Linear Fusion Gun With deep resonance. You will want to prepare and complete it Playlist activities (vanguard, crucible, or maneuver) in order to complete this objective. Once this is complete, you will proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Play Dares Of Eternity or Wellspring

For step 2, you have two options. If you have the Witch Queen expansion, you can choose between playing a round of Dares of Eternity or Wellspring. Dares of Eternity can be found on its node in the system map, and Wellspring activity can be accessed from Savathun’s Throne World map site. If you don’t have the Witch Queen expansion, you have to run Dare to immortality. Since you have a chance of getting a Deepsight Resonance Throne World weapon by playing Wellspring, this is probably the better option of the two—if you have access to it, but there’s no denying fun fun Who dares to immortality.

Regardless of your choice, be sure to equip your Deepsight Resonance weapon. You can power it up with the new Taipan-4fr linear fusion rifle, or you can get the job done with another Deepsight Resonance weapon you have. Just Make sure it is equipped for activity.

Step 3: Complete the Deep Resonance Activity

Similar to completing the steps of the Resonance Foundry mission, you will do it need harmony Deesight Resonance weapon reaches 100% by defeating enemy fighters and/or running Playlist activities Like Vanguard, Crucible or Gambit. Once the weapon’s harmony level reaches 100%, you must Resonant energy extraction to complete step 3.

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Step 4: Return to Relic Weapon Pattern

Return to The Enclave on Savathun’s Throne World node in the system map. Once you land, head to the remains and interact with them on the left side. will do then Weapon Style Claimwhich will allow you to craft this weapon repeatedly.

Step 5: Form a Weapon

You may have noticed that the remains have two nodes: one on the side and one on the front. In order to forge a weapon of your choice, head to in front of ammunition (opposite the entrance to the pendulum room) and interact with it.

Once in the formation menu, select “Shape Weapon” and then you can choose the weapon of your choice from among the available options from the Kinetic, Energy, and Power weapon classes. You must at least have access to forming an Ammit AR2 Auto Rifle and Taipan-4fr Linear Fusion Rifle from the Foundry Resonance and Foundry Shaping mission steps, respectively. The Taipan-4fr It is generally considered a best choicebut whichever one you choose will be ideal.

In order to forge a weapon, you will need 750 resonant items, 5 resonant ingots (you can get them from disassembling legendary purple weapons) and 10,000 flashes to complete the weapon forge.

Step 6: Upgrade your crafted weapon

You will notice on your new weapon that it now has a level (Level 1 to be exact). by Defeat the enemies And the complete activitiesYou will slowly level up this weapon, and get new perks for making new versions of the weapon.

To complete this step, you will need to level up the weapon once. This may take some time, but keep it up. You will kill enough enemies of the light in a jiffy.

Step 7: Back to the pocket

After upgrading your mod weapon to level 2, you will be prompted to return to the area accessible via Savathun’s Thone World node on the system map. you will win slug asc To complete this step and complete this task.

between the foundry ringing And the foundry formation Assignments, you must have a solid understanding of the basics to acquire weapon patterns and craft them to your exact specifications.

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