D&D Starter Set: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle is now available for purchase, multiple tutorial videos released

Latest D&D Starter Collection, Stormwreck Isle dragonsNow available for purchase in English, with other localized versions available later this year. Stormwreck Isle dragons Perfect for new players and developed for beginners, especially for levels 1-3. The set includes the rules, adventure book, five ready-to-play characters, and six polyhedral dice. To celebrate, a bunch of educational videos have been released, which you can view below. Read below for more information:

The D&D Starter Collection: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle($19.99) is now widely available for purchase in English. Localized versions (French, Italian, German, and Spanish) will be released on October 18, followed by Portuguese and Japanese language versions at a later time.

Stormwreck Isle dragons It is the perfect gateway for new players and Dungeon Masters to immerse themselves in action packed adventures as heroes fight monsters, find treasure, and take on epic quests. Developed for beginners (levels 1 to 3), this set includes game rules, an adventure book, five ready-to-play characters, and six polyhedral dice.

This school year, the junior group appeared in Inspired by D&D teaching groups For grades 4-8 as well After School Club KitsProvide everything needed to start a D&D club at a school, local library or club.

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In celebration of today’s release, check out D&D’s YouTube playlist of videos created to help new players and Dungeon Masters learn how to play, including videos on Getting Started with a Starter Set, how a DM can prepare for the adventure, how to role-play, And more!

Taste the adventure now with sailors drownedThe exciting free encounter that starts the whole story. To learn how to play it, watch the Encounter Walk-Through video: Drowned Sailors!

A range of video tutorials that make learning how to play D&D easier is available in the new Learn to Play Hub on playdnd.com as well as in the D&D YouTube channel playlist: “Learning Dungeons & Dragons.”

how to play:

What do you need to play:

How to make a character:

How to level up the character:

What race should you play:

Which class should you play:

How to be a dungeon master:

How to start your own campaign:

How to role play:

What is a savings throw?:

What is a capacity check?:

Dungeons & Dragons Beginner’s Collection: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle Available now for purchase at Amazon and Target (North America only) and downloadable at D&D Beyond and Roll20.

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