Cult of the Lamb update out now (version, patch notes

Cult of the Lamb is now updated (version, patch notes

Posted on Sep 24, 2022 by Brian (Tweet embed) in News, Switch

Aries worship Update

Devolver Digital and Massive Monster have released the latest update for Pregnancy worshipwith the release of version

The new patch is largely intended to address a huge list of issues. Reforms related to the Crusades, cults, etc. were implemented.

We have the full patch notes for Cult of the Lamb version update below.


  • The game will now stop automatically after 10 minutes
  • Fixed an issue where the game would not run in EU and Portuguese for EU players
  • Lamb and Bosses spine animation frame rates have been optimized to improve visual quality
  • Divine achievement constant
  • Fixed an issue where DLC could disappear after completing certain actions
  • Fixed an issue where the widget showing today’s progress would change its position on the screen when in the Pilgrim’s lane
  • Fixed an issue causing the “Followers” list to occasionally be inaccessible
  • Fixed an issue where repeatedly pressing the Use button after selecting the full column would shift the column UI
  • Fixed game freezing when tapping again during the world map
  • Fixed gifts not spawning properly
  • Fixed issues with the tracking system
  • Fixed accept button not appearing immediately when returning to main menu
  • Fixed info card UI crashing when navigating through it too fast
  • Fixed some UI appearance issues in the divine inspiration menu
  • The navigation in the UI of the worship list tab has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when dodge rolling immediately after canceling the fishing mini-game
  • Fixed game freezing after performing certain actions during the tutorial
  • Fixed game freeze during Final Showdown
  • Fixed game freezing after a follower received a gift from Ratau


  • Fixed soft lock can occur during Bishop encounters
  • Weapon issue fixed after unlocking all weapons
  • Fixed flex lock when interacting with the Tarot Shrine and the player collected all Tarot cards
  • Fixed an issue that caused dungeons to not advance
  • Fixed soft lock when reviving bad followers/opponents
  • Problems with Helob’s store room have been resolved
  • Fixed an issue where a boss could die off the map and couldn’t reach the heart
  • Fixed soft lock when young boss minions are born near a wall
  • Fixed Witness enemies not returning when a player dies and revives in the middle of combat
  • Fixed decimal rounding in weapon UI
  • Fixed an issue where enemies hovering above the ground might not behave properly
  • Fixed game freeze when Moth increases follower loyalty
  • Fixed an issue that caused invisible spikes to appear during combat encounters with Baal, Aym and The Last Boss

religious sect

  • Fixed an issue where the player could not see the progress of building or harvesting in certain resources
  • Fixed incorrect filling of the fuel meter if the playable character moved too far from the shrine flame when not all fuel was added
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the last creed from being unlocked
  • Fixed crystal flag and bone pile decorations
  • Fixed flex lock when player returns to base before building a shrine with a miner but doesn’t have enough coins to build one
  • Static followers stuck on level up
  • Followers leave now when the crisis of faith fails
  • Constant followers don’t harvest crops when they are far from the norm
  • Fixed soft lock when entering the temple while cleaning waste
  • Fixed soft lock when moving rolled objects in the build position
  • Soft lock for fixed recognition cabinet
  • Show follower’s constant emotion in notification history
  • Fixed omnipresent animation glitches when pressing a button and opening menus
  • Fixed game freezing after receiving a quest from a follower
  • Fixed an issue where the inspiration animation would repeat infinitely under certain conditions

All players on Switch can download the new update Cult of the Lamb v1.0.1.41 now.