Coronation Street spoilers – Roy to make surprising purchase after river fall

Coronation Street Spoilers follow.

Roy Cropper is going to buy a surprise at Coronation Street After the story of the river fall early next year.

Soap bosses have already confirmed a 2023 plot where Roy’s niece Nina Lucas slips and hits her head on a rock while searching for Roy in the woods.

Nina will try to tell Roy that the bat group meeting he was planning to attend is cancelled, but since he doesn’t carry a phone, they have to track him down on foot.

Roy Cropper and Nina Lucas in Coronation Street


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The story opens in the new year with Roy and Nina finally leaving the hospital, eager to put the river accident behind them for good.

Roy will not stop blaming himself for Nina’s injuries as he believes it was his refusal to have a cell phone that paved the way for his niece’s injury.

He gets some unexpected encouragement from Sam Blackman, showing how he uses his instrument to study astronomy. Not long after, Roy pops into town and comes back with a smartphone!

Nina and Asha try to help Roy adjust to his new purchase with an educational programme, but he gets frustrated and wonders if buying the phone was the right thing.

Roy Cropper Coronation Street


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Before the week is over, Brian Packham will find Roy lost in thought as he listens to classical music on his new device. When Brian points out how strange it is to see Roy with a phone, he replies that the device has its own uses.

Will Roy stick to his smartphone now that he’s found some perks?

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