Construction Simulator Update 1.06 Crashes Out for Fixes This Oct. 18

Construction Simulator 1.06Construction Simulator Update 1.06

Developer Software Entwicklung released Construction Simulator 1.06 update today for console platforms. This update comes with a lot of gameplay improvements and bug fixes. Take a look at the official October 18 Construction Simulator patch notes below.

Build Simulator Update 1.06 Patch Notes | Construction Simulator October 18, patch notes:

  • General bug fixes and improvements
  • Graphics polishing
  • Polishing the task, fixing minor gameplay issues
  • Adjust the balance between experience and money in multiplayer
  • Fixed a UFO charging issue in the USA Map tutorial
  • Traffic system improvement
  • Fixed speed camera trigger
  • Traffic lights turn faster now
  • Translation fixes
  • Added free keylink for consoles
  • Tutorial is now skippable
  • Camera controls can now be customized in Controls Settings
  • Added input switch to activate the main function of compressors, roadworks machines and concrete mixers
  • (customizable)
  • Fixes for server region selection in multiplayer
  • Confirmation on profile and company names changed so long press is not needed
  • Terrain related crashes partially fixed
  • Multiple UI fixes
  • Multiple fixes to recover problems

That’s it for the patch notes. The game has now been released for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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