Complete Walkthrough For Chapter 2 Of Forspoken

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  • How to defeat Chapalania

Aftershock This is the end of the first chapter of FacebookHowever, Fry finds herself in the world of Athena, at last. Not only that, but the golden cuff she found in the previous chapter is now firmly attached to her arm and cannot be removed, no matter how hard she tries.

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Chapter 2 introduces you to a lot of key aspects of the game, including, in particular, the combat and Magic Parkour game mechanics. These get more complicated later in the game, so this is the perfect testing ground to see how they both work. Let’s dive into it.

new world

Forspoken - Junoon Castle Chapter 2

After you arrive in the new world, Head out of the room towards the balcony in front of you. Here’s where you’ll meet Cuff, your eternal Forspoken comfy companion.

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Vorsboken - Junon Castle Slim

Turn right until you reach Ladder. Go downstairs, then watch the next scene. Continue, then Go down the stairs into the next large room to intervene.

Mad exploration

Vorsbuken - Mad Castle Courtyard

After encountering the dragon, you will have more freedom. So far, Follow the map marker through the gate and across the bridge To fight your first battle in the game.

Follow the tutorial provided by the game and defeat the enemies that threw at you. You don’t have access to any advanced movement abilities yet, but they’ll be along soon, don’t worry.


Forsbucaine - Limnocion

Maximum health



Magic Fry



As you would expect, these are very easy enemies to defeat. Since they Weak to Fry’s magicyou should find it very easy to arrange them.

After the fight, continue walking towards the map marker. There are plenty of items to pick up along the way – some of them Healing drafts, ray stones, flax balmand others. Use Healing Drafts by pressing the downward directional button.

Very good to go to settings menu, head over to Accessibility tab and Enable automatic grouping of items. Manually collecting every item you encounter wastes time when this option exists, and it does not affect your gaming experience.

Forsbuken - a small building in a frenzy

A little further, you will spy a Building on the right. Forspoken these little buildings are filled with and often contain chests and other items to pick up. This one in particular has the Junoon mantle on the outside, which is a pretty rare crafting item at this point in the game. When you come across these buildings in the game, they are worth exploring.

Continue to the map marker And cross the bridge to get to the ruins. Here, you will get to know Cuff searches and thy Support spells. While the game doesn’t tell you, note that support spells do Not Share cooldown timer – you can use them all at the same time.

Canis Diros:

Forspoken - Canis dirus

Maximum health



no one



This new enemy is like the last. They usually come in packages and can be a bit difficult to target at times – Use your lock to deal with them easily.

Defeat the Limnocyons Pack Further and then you will come to a dead end – you will encounter a mini-boss.

How to defeat Chapalania

Vorsbuken - Chapalania

Maximum health



no one



This mutated bear isn’t really a big deal, but it can strike hard.

  • use your link A spell to keep Chapalania locked in place while shooting him away.
  • Uses distracted When he is ready to add more damage per second.

At some point in the fight, it will unlock Magic surge And learn how to use it. Surge Magic evolves over time and is best used to hit multiple enemies at once if you can help it – against single enemies and bosses, just use it as soon as it becomes available.

After hitting Chapalania with everything you’ve got, you’ll be stunned. This is when you will learn fatal blows. Always try to get rid of them when you get the chance.

Keep getting close to the monster and you will win quickly.

Get to the settlement

Forspoken - Frey using Flow

After the fight, you will be prompted Learn the flow spell – This is your main movement technique. You will use it to Magic parkour To avoid enemy attacks.

For now, follow the tips of the game and Use Flow to avoid several Chapalanias and climb up the leveling gate in front of you.

Forsboken - Mad Fountain

After the short cutscene, you will finally be able to access the map. Your destination is set for you, but this is your time Explore the city and get a feel for the magic parkour.

Forspoken - mad map

Open the map and check it out – The little purple dots are the treasure chests. You can set up to five personal map selectors at once, and they will all be numbered. You can use this to set up a path for yourself, and head to each treasure chest in turn before reaching your final destination.

Don’t worry too much about getting the treasure right now – the city doesn’t have anything valuable that you can’t get elsewhere.

Forspoken - chapter 2 resting place

Explore or head to your destination instantly, it doesn’t matter which. When you get to the resting place, enter it. Pick up the items inside and go to asleep.

Forspoken - A break storm that turns enemies into dust

after rest, Leave the resting place and follow the map marker You can also see the traces of the fracture. When you reach the portal, a boss battle will start.

How to defeat a dragon

Forspoken - Dragon

Maximum health



Magic Fry

This can be a tough battle when compared to what you’ve had to deal with so far. The dragon attacks quickly and aggressively, so you’d better learn how to do it Use Magic Parkour to dodge very sharp. This is the fight that teaches you The difference between piercing and unblockable attacksSo pay attention to the tutorials that come out.

Forspoken - Dragon Fighting

Dragon attacks:

  • Claw set ending in a pounding motion. Avoid this by staying straight away from the dragon.
  • Swipe the superhero’s tail. When you see the cursor, start Magick Parkour to jump and do some damage by shooting.
  • After a short cut-scene in the middle of the battle, the dragon would start incorporating a large fiery breath into its move combo. Avoid this by taking cover – it has a very obvious telegraph where the dragon has a lot of flames inside its chest.

This fight is intense, but it shouldn’t be hard on you. The dragon’s weak point is its obvious firebox, so try to aim your attacks there instead of hiding from them. Don’t bother using Bind, it won’t work – but differentiating a bit can help, though it won’t target the weak point. In the end, you will get it.

Forspoken - Dragon fighting finishing move

Know that when the dragon is stunned and ready to finishing blowYou have to stand next to a fiery chest cage to do this.

After slashing the dragon, climb up the wall above the remaining spot from earlier. You’ll end up fighting the dragon again – you don’t have to win this, once your health gets low, the battle will be over.

Forspoken - outside Sibal

After the scene, simply Follow the destination signs And play with the story to finish the chapter.

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