Complete Companion Guide – Mount And Blade 2: Bannerlord

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord It carries many of the mechanics and traditions of its predecessor, including that companion system. Companions are non-player characters who have joined your clan and swear allegiance to you.

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Fellows allow you to exercise a level of control over them, which can mean anything from the choice of weapons and armor to equip, to which of their skills they will level up. They’re there to join you in battle, carry out missions for you, and help carry your faction as you upgrade over the course of the game. This complete guide will detail everything you need to know about it A crucial element in the game.

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Where to find and hire companions

Mountblade 2 dialogue companion

companions Usually found waiting in the settlements. At the start of the game, your best bet for finding one is to head to the largest settlement you can and Visit the pub in person. There will be a number of NPCs lounging around, and if you go up and look at them, their names should appear on the screen.

Most generic names and forms are given, but if you search from top to bottom, you will often find one with a unique name. Start a dialogue with them, and more often than not, they will be willing to join you for the price.

Mountblade 2 tavern

To speed things up, you can also start a search by Ask for help from the garagewhich will tell you if there are any companions available near you, and what special skills they might have.

In case there isn’t anything there, you can Simply check out another pub.

Once you start a dialogue with a potential mate, they will share their backstory, explain some of their talents and ask for an initial fee. This changes depending on the character, however You will always have to pay something. Once they join your faction, they will usually stay with you for the rest of the game.

It might be a wise idea Stop the deaths of companions Before you start playing, because investing in one game just to die on the battlefield is painful.

Mount Blade 2's battle companion

There are two other notable ways a companion can join you. Sometimes a companion will join you for the duration of the mission, which can be up to 200 days. so you reach your brother As a companion at the start of the game. whatever you did, Keep him by your side.

It is very powerful and can make some difficult parts of the game more manageable. Finally, you will have it, in all likelihood Characters born into your clan. They don’t become mates right away, but they will eventually. They will ask for your guidance as they grow upwhich is a chance for you to mold them any way you want before they are old enough to join your group.

Mountblade 2 kid's companion

The companions have titles It reflects their natural talents and stats. For example, if you find a character with the title Swordsman, that means they start their two-hand count at 200. This is designed To give you an idea of ​​what the character is known for in the game world.

In the game, companions who do not have masters are referred to as “wanderers”, and can be searched for in the game’s encyclopedia.

How do you manage your companions?

Mount Blade 2 Companion Stats

You can manage your buddies a lot in The same way you manage your character. In the inventory and characters, there is a tab at the top in the center that allows you to select different characters to manage.

You will be able to control every aspect of their equipment and all of their stat allotments. Think carefully about what they can achieve for other characters in your party. For example, having two companions with high medical stats is fine, but perhaps not as effective as having one companion invested in medicine skills and one focused on engineering, for example.

It is also worth noting that the Companion’s skills do not accumulate on top of your own, and Better to have a variety of specialists.

While out in the world, you may come across the opportunity to take part in a mission. You’re always welcome to do it yourself, however It would be better later in the game to send your more capable companions out to complete your search.

If you discuss the task with an NPC and have a companion who is able to do so, they will appear as an option. You may be required to sign some of your soldiers to take with them, depending on the job.

Their skills and abilities will influence how likely they are to be successfulHow long would they go, and how many of your men might die in the process. Having companions of different builds obviously means you’ll have a better chance of being able to tackle a wide range of scenarios.

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Companions and parties

Mountblade 2 turns

Companions can play a huge role in how your party performs, and they can Even lead the parties themselves. Assigning them a specific role in the party allows you to take advantage of some of the skills they possess superior to yours.

Role a description
searchlight Scout skill is used. Increases your visibility on the world map.
Engineer He uses the skill of the engineer. Improves the speed and quality of sieges.
Surgeon He uses the medicine skill. Helps improve healing and prevents direct death of forces.
Quartermaster Uses the skill of the host. Increases the maximum party size.

This means that if you have not invested any points in engineering, you can simply Assign a companion to this role Engineer your group, and all of a sudden, you’ll be leaping over enemy walls in one stroke.

In the clan tab, you also have a choice Create secondary parties for the ones you control. The higher the rank of your clan, the more parties you can create.

This can be costly When troop wages accumulated, it also allowed you to create armies so large that it was impossible to control them at the cost of having no effect. in the clan sign, Simply click on “Create Party” button and assign it to one of your buddies.

Keep in mind that you control how much your party buddies spend. It should also be noted that you cannot directly control these parties.

You can check the rank of your clan, including the amount of Fame required to upgrade it, by moving the cursor over the clan rank bar located in the clan rank tab at the top right.

Get companions to run caravans

Discussion of Mount and Blade 2 Caravan

Much like how you can have companions perform tasks for you, you can too They lead caravans. This is a good way to build passive income. The way to do this is to approach a merchant in a town and start a dialogue with him. If you have 15,000 free companions-You can send it with the caravan and get the profits as soon as it returns.

How to recover lost companions

Mount Blade 2 Recall

Unfortunately, Losing a battle can be very costly. Not only are you parted with glory, wealth, items, freedom, troops, feelings of self-worth, and influence, but also any companions you have in your party. If you have an obstructed associated death, search for and Restoring them is often simple. In fact, the process is always the same.

Open the clan tab which you can find at the bottom left of your screen (It has a lion head icon). It should give you a list of all the notable characters you’re related to, by blood or otherwise. You should indicate where they are and what they do next to their name.

If they are not in your group, there will be a summon icon that looks like a Bust with an arrow circling it. Clicking this will summon them to your party if applicable. It will also let you know how many days it will be before it is automatically added to your group. If this is not possible, hovering the cursor over the call button should tell you why.

The strongest companion in the game

Mount Blade 2 Brother

your first companion, your brother, she is one from The strongest companions in the game. You will open it Complete the tutorial task at the start. Once you have rescued your little brothers from the bandits and set them free into the world for your own goals, You will have to find it Check the clan tab and find the city where he rests. Usually one very close.

When you bring it back to your party you will find that it is in fact It starts with an incredible number of levels and stat points. They are not set from the start, so you are free to build at least one very strong booster as you wish.

The best way to take advantage of this opportunity is to dump points in Host and leadership skills. In this way, you can make him a very capable ruler, which will make many parts of the game much easier.

The Heroic commander A feature, for example, that will make it easier for you to retain control of large disloyal settlements later in the game that don’t match your character’s culture.

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