Compact power station now available

Highlights of cool electronics were once again on display at IFA 2022. In light of the continued rise in energy prices, power plants in particular were able to attract many trade show visitors, as well as the trade press. Of course, Bluetti did not miss the famous manufacturer Funkausstellung in the German capital. With the Bluetti EB3A, a self-sufficient power supply expert has presented a promising solar generator. You can secure this now at an attractive discount.

Independent power supply in compact form

Gas and electricity prices are currently rising dramatically, which increases the demand for smart energy solutions. Now, with the Bluetti EB3A, a solar generator is being brought to the market that not only wants to make its user independent of shared power connections. Moreover, the manufacturer promises an ultra-fast charging speed. All this reminds us of the competition in the form of EcoFlow Delta 2, which was also presented at IFA 2022. Of course, if the sun does not shine, this does not mean that you cannot charge large batteries from the power plant. Instead, you still have a conventional connection to the mains available.

Bluetti EB3A is a power plant for the masses

With dimensions of 255 x 180 x 183 mm and a weight of only 4.6 kg, the Bluetti EB3A is a compact and fun power plant. Especially in direct comparison to its big siblings like the one also presented at this year’s Funkausstellung, the Bluetti EP600, the small power plant is more accessible. Here, the manufacturer seems to have in mind all those for whom the classic power bank is too small for a weekend camping trip.

Photo: Bluetti

Since the battery is supposed to be able to hold a total of 269 Wh, you should be able to charge some laptops and smartphones with it. But not only this. The Bluetti EB3A has a classic power socket, where you can also connect lamps or even household appliances. In terms of power, here you get 600 watts permanently. It is also assumed that peak values ​​of up to 1200 watts are possible for a short time. Besides the power socket, you’ll also find a USB-C port and two USB-A ports. The Qi charging surface is also particularly practical. It can charge a smartphone up to 15W, for example. Once the battery runs out, you can revive it very quickly.

Bluetti EB3A
With a suitable solar panel, the battery can also be charged on the go. (Photo: Bluetti)

Perhaps the most classic option is to connect to the power grid. This should also be chosen if you need to charge quickly. Thanks to the turbo mode, the Bluetti EB3A is supposed to charge an impressive 350W, which is supposed to boost the battery level from 0 to 80 percent within 45 minutes. More energy can be saved if you supplement it with solar modules. In this way, a maximum output of 430 watts is achieved. Those who want to rely on solar cells alone can charge at 200 watts.

Price and availability

With the Bluetti EB3A, the manufacturer has apparently succeeded in bringing a power plant to the market that arouses interest among the masses. And the price seems reasonable too. If you are interested in buying it, you can currently save a lot. You can currently get the Power Station for €299 with the appropriate coupon code EB3A80 On the official Bluetti website. On Amazon, you can also get a practical, self-contained storage unit for the same price. All you have to do is activate the coupon code. If you want to immediately secure matching solar panels, you can currently save on the practical package. So the cost of Bluetti EB3A + PV120 solar panels with coupon code EB3A80 669 euros. For the EB3A + PV200, you pay again 899 euros.