Clinique Launches TikTok Influencer Program #CSuite

As part of Clinique’s ongoing commitment to meeting consumers wherever they are and building on the brand’s recent TikTok success with its Lipstick in Black Honey and viral #ZitHappens), Clinique has hired a group of eight diverse individuals dubbed #CSuite to create hundreds of pieces of content for Clinique’s social channels. Over the next few months, in an effort to engage the creators of TikTok and introduce Clinique consumers to their original and one-of-a-kind lenses.

#CSuite (short for Clinique Suite) influencers include a group of makeup artists, dermatologists, and influencers who have created engaging content for Clinique’s younger consumers, such as makeup tutorials, product discovery content, trend discovery, entertainment, and more.

In preparation for content development, the group attended a mentoring trip from Clinique in New York City and met with company leaders to better understand the brand and foster a collaborative educational dialogue on beauty and skincare. This initiative builds on Clinique’s relentlessly committed position – a passion for the brand, a benchmark for product development, and a promise to care for the skin of all consumers where all skin types should be seen, cared for and revered.