Clear Lip Liner Is The MVP Beauty Product You’ve Never Heard Of

Consider this a love letter to swipe lip liner. Not only does this product create an even line around your pout, but it automatically matches your lipstick of choice and doesn’t stand out, according to Plus, it’s basically error-proof for beauty novices. On top of that, as makeup artist Jenny Patinkin told Byrdie, the biggest benefit of this unique liner is that it keeps everything in place.

“A clear, waxy lip liner is an easy way to prevent feathering of your lipstick,” she explains. “Just [use it to] Apply it around your lips slightly to your skin. It creates a barrier so that the pigments won’t absorb into any small creases. ”

After carefully drawing a line around half of their lips, Em filled in the corners. They then proceeded to prep both sides of their lips with lip balm as usual to prevent bleeding. The beauty influencer showed results after seven hours of wearing it. At the end of Em’s video, there was a distinct disparity in the staying power of the lipstick on the side that had a sheer liner in it compared to the one that didn’t.